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Introducing the new Obsessive Workshop:

137A Ruapehu Street

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Regular readers may have noticed that the blog has been rather quiet over the past year or so. I’ve still been super busy, but most of my time has gone into fixing up my new house and garage. It was all in a rather sorry state when I first moved in.


Upon undertaking the work I joked that I’d have the house finished before Transmission Gully opened (I’ll spare the details but the work was considerable).

Well, not only is the house finished but the Garage has also been done up. All before the promised road to Wellington has been opened!

…and after

I’ll let the photos do the speaking. It’s now a useful garage that is big enough to work in with comfort. The roller door has a 2 meters clearance so can fit most standard-sized vans etc. Although I’d love it to be higher as a Toyota Hiace with roof bars will not fit!

Levin Car Security

The garage door has a 2.02 meter clearance

What does my re-location mean?

Not much for existing customers as the mobile installation service remains and I still cover the Wellington region.

Levin Car Security

I am now happy to travel up to Levin for vehicle security installations. It is much quicker to get to than Wellington. Especially with Transmission Gully still not being finished and roadworks on SH58 looking like slow travel to the Hutt will be a permanent thing.

The Obsessive test bench now sits proudly above a solid workbench

I’ll now try and update the blog and Website more often. There are some exciting products which I’ll be posting about soon…


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  1. Matthew Burlton says:

    Hi Julian, I live in Christchurch and was wondering if you can recommend a GPS tracker for my lawnmower business trailer.

    Thanks, Matthew.

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