Obsessive T-Shirts….

It’s taken longer then planned but they are finally here.

The front features the Obsessive Logo on the right breast and the back print has a Cobra with the words Hiss Off!

If any one wants one then please let me know. They are currently available in Medium and Large.

As they are blatant advertising I’m happy to pass them on at my cost price which is $32.50 each, plus they have already had a wash so are ready to wear.


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2 Responses to Obsessive T-Shirts….

  1. Avatar Dennis Powell says:

    Hiya Julian

    Hey looks good mate. I’ll have one thanks, size Medium.

    Address: Censored by Obsessive

    Phone: “”

    I will call you with credit card details

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Thanks Dennis,

    I shall drop one off for you.

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