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Obsessive Smart Phone WebsiteBelieve it or not, this is the first blog update of the year. It’s not that I’ve been slacking but I felt it was about time I put the effort into making the website truly smartphone friendly. The original goal was to get it live over the New years break, but it proved to be a far bigger job then I had originally anticipated.

So the time I normally put into the blog has gone into updating the website structure which has been somewhat of a challenge! With such a huge amount of content, I wanted to make it easy to navigate without losing anything. The result is that the mobile site is broken down into 3 sections (like the main website) each of which has its own drop-down menus to keep things clutter-free.

Mobile Index Page

Obsessive Home

The home page should go straight to the mobile version if you are on a smartphone. Yet remain on the normal PC site if you are on a PC or tablet.

It has a drop-down menu in the top right corner and simple contact page, click to call button and Google map link at the bottom of the page.

I’ve also had some fun creating icons for the menu and have a bit of a stick man theme going on.  (Oh how I miss  the stick death website 🙁 )

The main menu has all the obvious options. Car alarms & immobilisers, remote controls, keyless entry, services and links to both the Review section of the website and the Blog.

Obsessive Reviews

Obsessive Reviews

Next is the review section of the site which has a dual drop-down menu. The first  Menu allows you to search for whatever security level you are after, be it an immobiliser or an OEM upgrade alarm. It has a quick link with an explanation of what each range of system should go along with a full range of models to compare. (These include the crap ones that I won’t sell!)

Then there is the Product Search menu which allows you to search via brand and go directly to each product review.

I’ve made the effort to put a PDF user manual at the end of each review which I highly recommend anyone with that type of system should save on their phone. It’s a good idea to know how your security system works and having the manual available makes any troubleshooting hassle free.

Obsessive Blog

Obsessive Blog

Finally, there is the Blog which again has a dual menu, the first menu is for basic navigation to the home page, review section, contact page etc, then the second menu allows you to search via category. It also has the images of the most recent blog entries scrolling along the top of the page to grab your attention.

Speaking of the contact page I’ve added a spam filter so you’ll have to do some very basic maths be allowed to submit the form. If you get the sum wrong then you’ll get knocked back. I figure that most of my customers are smart enough to get this right and I’m hoping it may prevent some of the idiots from getting through!!!

So that’s the new site which has been live for some time, but I’ve simply not been happy enough with it to promote it until now.

Feedback is most welcome and I know that there’s still work to do on it. Please have a play and let me know what you think.

Happy new (financial) year to you all :mrgreen:


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