Obsessive Road Trip 2012

Venturing beyond Wellington for an installation over a long weekend seems to be becoming an annual event. Last year I headed up to New Plymouth and explored the Forgotten World Highway.

This time I’d already planned a weekend involving a kayak trip down the Waikato, so when I got an email asking about Cobra installers in Auckland I thought I may as well take an extra day and head up to take care of the install myself.

Once again there was the challenge of fitting my tools into the Beats boot which is a mission in itself, but even harder when under time pressure to get some sleep knowing that I had a 5 am start to avoid the traffic! It was going to be a long day…

2012 Honda Beat

Obsessive in Auckland

On arriving in Auckland I got straight to work. The car was an R32 Nissan Skyline and it was going to be another mega Obsessive install where the total interior of the car was stripped out. Thankfully Ian the owner got stuck in and helped rip the car apart to make way for a very stealthy Cobra AK4138 install that most Jaffa installers would simply not be capable of!

Autowatch Visit

The next day I caught up with Kishor at Autowatch NZ for lunch and have finally got a decent photo of him for the Autowatch anti-theft guarantee page of the website. It previously had a photo of him that I copied from his Facebook page, complete with a cigar hanging out of his mouth wearing a silly hat.

My idea was this would encourage him to send me a decent mug shot, however, I don’t have three young Children to take up all my time so can’t really blame him for not making it a priority!

Trends Car Stereo

After this, I popped in to catch up with the lads at Trends Car Stereo in Hamilton and was appalled to see that they still had their 2010 NZSA membership certificate on display.

That got put right on the spot:

I have also been informed that their website will be updated too soon.

The Kayak trip was a blast and the weather was good too which is always a bonus.

The Desert Road

I never tire of the twisting parts of the Desert road, but on those days when the mountains come out of the clouds really make it a magical place.

Obsessive Road Trip

A top weekend. I’m thinking the next one will have to involve the South Island 🙂


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