Obsessive Recommendations…

 I love it when people recommend me and my services. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m valued. It’s even more flattering when a local competitor passes on one of those “difficult” jobs, or calls for some technical advise!

I also like to recommend other trustworthy companies that offer quality services.

All of us know how horrid it is to have been ripped off. Having a recommendation from a trusted source is worth its weight in gold.

One of the great things about working mobile is that you get to know a plenty of people in the motor trade. Many of whom complement your services such as locksmiths, mechanics and panel beaters.

Some are shocking and you quickly learn not to go back, whereas others go that extra mile and do a fantastic job.

So Who do I Recommend?

First off check out the link page of the Website. Apart from listing suppliers, I’m also happy to recommend local companies. Most of which I’ve had first-hand experience of dealing with, all of which I highly recommend.

Who do I recommend for Vehicle Security outside of Wellington?

I get asked this question at least once a week. Given that I can’t cover the whole country it’s great to be able to recommend installers I can trust.

Here is the list: https://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/blog/installers-who-do-you-recommend

Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more over time and I encourage anyone who has positive feedback on installers to let me know.

Who do I recommend locally for Audio and Security?

I aim to provide the best vehicle security installation service in Wellington or even the whole of NZ for that matter. I am aware that not everyone can afford a top-notch install.

Some have already made the mistake of purchasing a system online. I only install security systems that I supply as I think this is the professional way to do things.

Not much use for those who find out too late, but I’m happy to point them in the direction of Ling at My Audio in Newtown. He’s a good guy who is trustworthy and is capable of a reasonable alarm install. As the name suggests My Audio also does audio. Speaking of which Brent at Aardvark Audio is highly recommended: https://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/blog/car-audio-wellington


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