Obsessive Installation!

When it comes to my own car security taking short cuts is not an option, so The Obsessive Beat was always going to have a serious security system installed. The Beat was about as stock as they come and didn’t even come with a passenger door switch, let alone an Immobiliser or central locking!

So what Security System?

This was not going to be as easy as you would think, the problem is that my ideal system does not exist, if I could breed all the functions and features I was after then I would have a security system equivalent of Frankenstein’s love child!

One thing that was always going to be a no-brainer was that I would select a Thatcham approved system rather than compromise with some half-arsed, second rate system that would only comply with Australia or New Zealand standards! (Did I mention that I am not impressed with the lack of standards here in NZ?)  Anyway that narrows the choice down to Autowatch and Cobra.

Which Alarm?

This was always going to be a Cobra, plain and simply because of the siren. I knew that if I picked any other of the alternatives I would lay awake at night thinking about how I had compromised which would be very sad! The fact that the new generation of Cobra alarms allows a second siren to be added as an internal screamer is an evil bonus!

Now comes the frustrating part. The Cobra AK4198 is great but it lacks one feature which I really want. Boot Pop! I could have considered the AB7928 but it lacks the Pager out-put… This was becoming difficult one as I hate compromise.

The only new generation  Cobra with boot pop available in NZ is the AK4147 but it is designed for Toyota’s and lacks both pager out-put and window closure. It also lacks normal indicator out-put as it uses hazard pulse. Having said that it is possible to trick most cars into thinking the hazard switch has been pressed, the trick involves 3 relays and effectively presses the hazard switch momentarily when arming/disarming the alarm. If the alarm is triggered then the hazard pulse is held on constantly which can be used as a pager out-put. This took some time to figure out but is the result I was looking for…

Window Closure

Simply because I can…

The AK4147 got put on the test bench and after some head scratching and a couple of beers I found a way to create selective window closure. I won’t get technical here but it involves re-programing the alarm and a delayed timer circuit!

The result: Extended press of the remote lock button closes the windows 🙂

So I had decided that the Cobra AK4147 Toyota alarm was going to go into the Honda Beat!

The Immobiliser?

Now normally I’d suggest adding the 8509 Immobiliser pack to the AK4147 (or AK4198 for that matter), but I’m rather fussy and prefer transponder immobilisers. I decided to go with a separate Immobiliser and to fit  the transponder chip inside the Cobra remote.

Cobra Padlock Remote with Transponder Chip

Very much like the Dynatron 7 Series, just better!

So the Immobiliser was going to be an Autowatch 573PPi

Full Spec of system:

  • Cobra AK4147 (Ultrasonics replaced Cobra Microwave sensor)
  • 2nd Cobra Siren (see photo)
  • Cobra Drivers Card
  • 2 door Central locking
  • Boot Pop
  • Selective Window Closure
  • Pager Out-put (For GPS Tracking) – A future blog post…
  • 3mm Blue LED’s on both doors
  • Autowatch 573PPi (with transponder chip inside Cobra remote)
  • Transponder LED housed in instrument cluster (flashes hand brake warning light)

Not your normal out of the box system, I’m sure you’ll agree….

I shall cover the GPS and get a Video up in the near future.


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