Obsessive Go-Kart!

It’s taken about 4 months and many hours of hard graft but the Obsessive Go-Kart (Honda Beat) is just about finished. The final touches being the New Wheels which were supplied by Dave Hadley Tyres.

Here are the photos from the New Years break:

1991 Honda Beat

Obsessive Go-Kart

Honda PP1 NZ

Desert Road with Mount Ngauruhoe in the distance


Honda Beat and a Volcano

Obsessive Go-Kark with the sun setting


Mount Ruapehu and a silly little car!

Honda 660 cc

Obsessive Go-Kart by Lake Taupo


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3 Responses to Obsessive Go-Kart!

  1. Anti-Theft Guy says:

    Looks good. Not too flashy but still hip. How is the security system in this model? How does it differ from usual Honda models?

  2. Julian says:

    Details about the Beat’s security installation can be found here:

    The car came with no security at all which is typical of most Honda’s of this year.

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