Obsessive Birthday and Holiday 1st May – 12th May

Obsessive Holiday

Happy Obsessive Day

First off Obsessive Vehicle Security is now 10 years old. The official incorporation date was the 14th April 2008. I was too busy to post anything that day but did have a beer to celebrate (Well it happened on a weekend!)

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported me over the last ten years. I still love doing this and look forwards to securing vehicles properly for many more years to come.

Holiday Dates:

I’m away on Holiday for the first 12 days of May. (1st to the 12th May)

The plan is to fly down to Queenstown and explore some of the majestic South Island scenery.

My phone will be off so please use the Contact form if you have an enquiry and I’ll respond when I return.

I’ll be back to work on the 14th May.

Cheers Julian



About Julian

Owner and Installer at Obsessive Vehicle Security Limited. More details here... Please keep Comments relevant to the post and use the Contact form for enquiry's
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