NZSA Standards……

Time to question the current standards?

So, time for the more telling parts from the NZSA meeting last Friday.

First off it was great to put some faces to all the names.

The good news is that Greg Watt’s (NZSA CEO) does appear to care and promised good things to come. I’d like to give full credit to Greg, who admitted that things are not perfect and there is room for improvement. Whilst I have been critical of the NZSA in the past it must be pointed out that Greg has only been in the hot seat for about 18 months so can’t claim all the credit for the Muppetry that’s gone down in the past!!!

On the other hand my concerns over the input from alarm distributors still stands. To put it simply it’s like asking cigarette manufactures to regulate themselves. They’ll spin lots of marketing crap and tell you it’s good for you if they can get away with it!

Speaking of which I must note that David Harley from Mongoose was very keen to expand the vehicle security group to include safety which includes Reversing cameras etc. Ding ding ding ding ding. The alarm bells were ringing overtime. The cynic in me can’t help but get the impression that there would be little interest in doing this if Mongoose did not sell the bloody things!

Frustrating attitudes!

On voicing my concerns about the lack of installer standards, the first comment that came back was “Well any companies who do poor work won’t last in the business very long so are not really a concern.”

Aaahhhhhrrrggg. Talk about missing the point! I seemed to be in the minority who consider the current system a joke, sadly this was not really surprising as the group who didn’t consider the matter to be an issue were the very Muppets who set the system up in the first place!

5 Stars and a big black hole!

It was David Harley from Mongoose who seemed to take credit for the star rating system. He explained that it was like looking for a hotel. If you stopped in a 1 star pad you’d find bed bugs where as a 5 star would be the best of the best. The thing is that I expect room service with a 5 star hotel and in the NZ car alarm world the intercom system seems to be buggered so you can’t call for any!

At this point I questioned how a 5 star system with an easy to remove battery back up siren actually offered any more protection than a 4 star system. The response came from Andrew Harley (also from Mongoose) who muttered something about a bonnet switch! WTF? Two years in the game and he is either in spin factory denial, or still very wet behind the ears!

Greg (who is not a technical guru) suggested that the matter be addressed at the next meeting where I will be more then happy to debate the matter in detail!

Until then I’m happy to back up my claims that most 5 star alarm sirens can be defeated in a matter of seconds.

The Obsessive Challenge!

I’m happy to hand over the keys (without the remote) of either the Obsessive Wagon, or the Obsessive Go-Kart (Both have Thatcham CAT 1 Systems) and see how long it takes to defeat the alarm, so long as Mongoose or any other company who still plug the 5 star standard as being the best available are happy to do the same with their demo vehicle.

The stopwatch is ready!

Any takers?

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6 Responses to NZSA Standards……

  1. Avatar Rick says:

    Wow – it’s worse than I thought. It’s not just rules stuck in the past but there are members with their head so far up their arse they can’t even see what the problem is. Extending to safety? WTF? How about fixing the problems before adding new features! (to use a product development analogy.)

    I am truly astounded by such a lax attitude to a group who call themselves a security association.

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Rick,

    I share your view completely. The “standards” have been set up purely with the intention of keeping competing products off the market! Let’s not kid anyone that they actually care about the end consumer. It’s entirely about profitability and market control.

  3. Avatar Hung says:

    The level of dedication you show to this, even when dealing with the muppets who run NZSA, is impressive and deserves recognition.

    Even when the insurance companies are giving away immobilizer alarms in the hope of “increasing security”, it isn’t much help when they’re potentially Mongoose products :S

  4. Avatar Julian says:

    Thanks for the recognition 🙂

    Ahhh, now you must be referring to the State Insurance advert where they are giving away AVS S4 alarms. So the S4 comes with an immobiliser has has no attack proof security housing, a siren that can’t be hidden and the remotes can be cloned without the owners knowledge. But the alarm is STAR rated!!!!

    Still State Insurance seem to think they must be effective!

  5. Avatar Christina Carabini says:

    Tthe M60i has special software built-in that allows the system to be armed with the engine running with no sacrifice in security while connected to an external turbo timer. No problem the M60B has special software built-in that allows the system to be armed with the engine running with no sacrifice in security. The MAP70GNZ upgrade offers the same high level of protection as the MAP80G but is designed for cars that have canbus systems.

  6. Avatar Julian says:

    Is this just another shameless sales pitch for Mongoose? I fail to see how your comments are relevant to the post?

    Surely using the words “High level of protection” in the same sentence as “MAP70GNZ” is an oxymoron?

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