NZSA Meeting up-date

Time to question the current standards?

Following on from my NZSA Meeting, Friday 20th May post, I now have a good idea who will be attending thanks to a group email from Greg Watts.

I think it’s in the public’s interest to know who these people are so…

Here’s the list:
Kevin Mooney (AVS/Manta Electronics),
David Harley (Mongoose NZ),
Mark Sole (Uniden NZ),
Jake Smit (Meridian/TF Group),
Richard @,,,
Julian Dunster @ Obsessive (That’ll be me then!),

I have done a quick phone around and the NZSA members who I have spoken to were not aware that a committee meeting was taking place. This Includes Kishor (Director of Autowatch NZ).

Given this I am curious about what it takes to get informed about such meetings (I assume I’m there as I keep pestering!!!!)

I have just flicked the following email to Greg Watts.

Hi Greg,

I noticed that you have representatives for AVS, Meridian, Mongoose and Uniden attending. I spoke to Kishor at Autowatch NZ (CC’d) and he was unaware that a meeting was taking place. When I told him he expressed an interest in attending.
What is the criteria for getting invited? Are members of the NZSA welcome to attend or is this invite only?

I don’t know if you have set an agenda yet, but I feel that installer standards should be discussed as this is clearly an area that has issues.

It would also be great if minutes were available upon request so the group can be seen a transparent and accountable. This would be a good way to show that a positive move is being made to be open, this will help to lose that stigma of the NZSA vehicle group being a boys club set up as a vested interest cartel to control the vehicle security market.

Kind Regards,

Just had the following reply:

Hi Julian,

There is no specific requirement, the more the better as far as I am concerned, Kishor is more than welcome to join us.
I will send out an agenda by Monday.

Best Regards

Greg Watts
Executive Officer
New Zealand Security Association Inc

Good to know.

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