No Start? Let’s blame the alarm!

car won't startRecently I took a 3 day weekend down in Nelson lakes to climb some mountains and play in the snow. Whilst I love my work, I value my playtime even more.

Not everyone respects work hours so I normally turn my phone to flight mode for the weekends. It also ensures I have some battery life left when I need it!

It’s not uncommon to find multiple voice mails, text messages, and emails when I connect back to the digital world. People get super needy when their car does not start!

Here is a typical example of what I have to deal with:

It’s really rare for immobilisers to fail (well decent ones at least), however, I like to keep an open mind and not draw any conclusions until I see the car and find the actual fault.

This car had a Cobra AK4138 alarm/immobiliser. These are normally bombproof! Whilst I’ll never be arrogant enough to dismiss my handy work as the problem, I was starting to have some doubts, afterall two so-called professionals had pointed the finger.

Keeping an open mind!

One thing I’ve learned over the years is not to be defensive or to draw any conclusions.

Keeping an open mind is often a challenge, but it helps in all aspects of life. This is especially true when it comes to troubleshooting.

Confirmation Bias

I do understand how the mechanic and the AA chap drew the wrong conclusion. There are so many shit quality alarms fitted by incompetent installers that it’s not funny. I remove them on a weekly basis! It’s certainly one of the potential causes of the problem that needs to be eliminated.

But pointing the finger without any evidence is simply not cool. In fact, I’d even call it incompetent!

Another Happy Customer

So I’ve started the week with a very unhappy customer through no fault of my own, to being appreciated for my methods. (remember, don’t get defensive or take things personally!)

So much of my work is dealing with people. Often it’s harder than the actual installation work!

I not sure if I’ll ever master that aspect of it, but it’s certainly something I’ve got much better at over the years.

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