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Update: NP300 Navara alarm options are covered here…

The D22 and D40 stopped production in 2015.

I’ve done a number of installs on Nissan Navara’s in the past few weeks so thought now would be a good time to explain the difference between the D22 Navara and the D40, both of which are currently for sale here in NZ, as well as explain the best security options for them both.

The D22 Navara

D22 Navara

Was originally introduced in 1998 and replaced the previous generation D21 Navara. Nissan NZ still currently sell the D22 Navara in parallel with the D40 Navara.

The current version of the D22 does not come with Keyless entry or any form of security. In fact, it is so stripped down that it does not even come with door switches (other than one on the driver’s door).

Navara Door Switch Blank

Nissan has put blank plugs in the switch locations, so the holes are still there, but not the switches or wiring.  Last time I checked Nissan wanted over $50.00 per switch which is crazy money for such a basic part.

Note: To the best of my knowledge all pre-face-lift D22’s (2005) have door switches.

If you intend to get an alarm for a D22 then 3 switches will be needed to protect the other doors.

The Local Nissan breaker sells second-hand switches for about $22.00 which is probably a better option.

Navara Door Switch

The D22 also requires a drivers door motor for full keyless entry.


The current D22 (2013) has no Immobiliser so this would be my minimum recommendation.

Any alarm system will require 3 Nissan door switches and a drivers door motor for keyless entry.

D40 Navara

D40 Navara

The D40 Navara came out in 2005 and is much more sophisticated than the D22.

It comes with keyless entry and transponder immobiliser as standard so is suitable for an OEM upgrade alarm.

The D40 is full CAN-BUS so the Cobra AK4615 is an excellent option for this vehicle. If considering another brand CAN-BUS alarm I suggest reading my Nissan CAN-BUS alarm post as most systems can be defeated far too easily!


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