New Toyota Corolla Alarm

The new 2018 Corolla Hatchback comes in 3 models. The entry-level GX has remote locking with an ignition key. The SX and ZR both come with a smart key and push to start button. The ZR also has a very basic factory alarm system that honks the horn.

For those who want to add an alarm, or wish to improve on the ZR system, I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS Alarm. I tested the alarm on the car last week and can confirm it works 🙂

The firmware and fitting instructions are not on the Vodafone Automotive website yet, but I have all the information needed myself.

Testing the New Corolla

It’s always interesting ripping a new car apart for the first time and getting familiar with it.

New Toyota Corolla Alarm Installation

It’s a time-consuming exercise finding the best mounting locations and wiring points, but having good notes is a must if you want to do the job well.

Here are some shots of the alarm after the installation:

Black Ultrasonic sensors match the interior in the Corolla

Cobra LED Over-ride switch in the New Corolla

ADR Card option recommended for the SX and ZR push to start models

Having a smart key makes both the SX and XR vulnerable to keyless theft. Adding an ADR Card to the AK4615 would protect against this.

Window Closure

The Author Comfort Closure system works with the new Corolla and will roll the windows up when the remote lock button is pressed It will also vent the windows open if you press the unlock button 3 times.

I took the time to read the CAN-BUS data from the windows opening and closing. Hopefully Vodafone Automotive can use it in the official firmware for the alarm. It would be great if the alarm disables the ultrasonic sensors if a window is left open.

I’ll update this post when it happens.

The previous generation Corolla Hatchback alarm options are covered here…

Toyota Corolla/Auris Alarm Options


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