New Hilux Alarm Photos

The final week before Xmas was a super busy one as I had 9 new Toyota Hilux models lined up needing alarms.

The phone was turned to voicemail stating that I’d be back on the 5th January. There was simply no other way of getting through the workload. I simply had too many jobs booked in to take on any more.

I thought I’d post some photos of what to expect with the Cobra AK4218 Toyota alarm. I’m reasonably confident to say I’m the first in the country to install one in the new shape Hilux.

New Hilux Alarm

As none of the Ute’s I was working on were the 5R5 model the push to start button is replaced by a switch blank which is the perfect place for the Cobra LED over-ride switch.

Hilux Cobra alarm LED

Hilux Cobra alarm LED

The Ultrasonic Sensors are a perfect colour match and look fantastic.

2016 Hilux alarm

Cobra Ultrasonics in 2016 Hilux

As for the rest of the alarm, well there are no photos to show as it is all hidden, including the siren as you would expect with a good install. They had PIR sensors too but I forgot to take a photo!

Anyway Happy New Year to you all and I’m now back to work 🙂

P.S. I’ve found the time to update the Website with remote start and motorcycle alarm info thanks to a couple of rainy days.


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  1. Avatar Vince says:

    Hey, my alarm in my hilux 2017 has stopped working, There’s no power going to the PIR sensor and the siren doesnt go when i open door with keys while the alarm has been armed. Is there a fuse i can check to see whats going on? Thanks

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