New Check Lists for Alarms/Immobilisers

5 star car alarms!

So with the NZSA Star rating system for car alarms and immobilisers now dead and buried it’s been interesting seeing what others are up to. Mongoose has simply adopted the “Star Rating System” as their own and dropped the NZSA logo part!

Then there is the website that has their own “approved installers” and star rating system which I really don’t need to make any comments about other than noting that Mongoose has lost their “star rating”!

AVS, Dynatron and Stealshild (and numerous others) still list their products as being NZSA Star rated, and a quick search for alarms on “Trade Me” shows 157 alarm products with installers claiming to be NZSA members!

Now I’ll be the first to admit that it can take time to update a website, my one, after all, is a monster with many pages that I’ve been attempting to update one at a time and it is a tedious process! But I have to say it is disappointing to see how slowly everyone else is adapting which can only lead to confusion and ultimately a situation where the alarm buying public are still getting mislead!

The NZSA website now states:

But as of yet, this is not the case as the MTA has yet to decide if they will go ahead and first need to investigate what the most viable options are if any! I know this as I had a meeting with them last week so am at least in the loop. I promise to post any new information up here as and when it happens.

Your Alarm Immobiliser Check Lists.

Rather than jump on the “Let’s create my own Star rating system that means Jack Shit” bandwagon, I felt it would be more constructive to create an honest guide to what makes an alarm/immobiliser effective.

Introducing the alarm feature checklists. There is one for “4 and 5 stars” systems, one for Immobilisers and another for Upgrade (PLIP) alarms.

Check Lists below:

Alarm/Immobiliser Check List (Covers 4 & 5 Star remote alarms)

Immobiliser Check List

Upgrade Alarm Check List (Covers OEM Upgrade/PLIP Alarms)

Hopefully, this will help create some clarity.

Feedback is most welcome 🙂

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2 Responses to New Check Lists for Alarms/Immobilisers

  1. Rick says:

    Would I be right in assuming that the reason only the Cobra immobilizers have Thatcham certification is because the others are not sold in the Thatcham’s target market (the UK) and therefore have not even been tested? It looks like many of them would fail in critical areas anyway – except maybe Autowatch.

  2. Julian says:

    Cobra and Autowatch are the only available systems here with an attack proof immobiliser security housing which is one of the Thatcham requirements. You won’t find Mongoose, AVS, Uniden etc outside of Aus NZ because they are all outdated systems that are not approved over seas.

    I have spoken to Cobra in the past and they didn’t see any value or credibility paying the NZSA when they already had thatcham approval. On top of this it was common knowledge that installer testing was bullshit and that the Star rating system suited systems that could not get overseas approval!

    What was a joke was that the Star rating system suggested that AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A was equivalent to Thatcham Cat 1, this is clearly not the case as AS/NZS3749.1 2003 is about 20 years behind Thatcham Cat 1!

    The NZSA simply demanded a cash payment in exchange their approval and endorsement. They didn’t actually do anything other then have a crap Star logo and a website. This was then sold to the insurance companies and the public by Mongoose and Co as a way to corner the market.

    The Star rating system was never anything more then a cash cow for them all, hence all my difficult questions to them and the lack of an honest response!

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