MR2 Security Install.

Here’s a YouTube Video one of my customers has posted of an alarm install I did this week:
Turn your speakers up to enjoy the Cobra Siren in scream mode!

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  1. Avatar Julian says:

    That looks so much cooler through your phone, I think it’s about time I upgraded my old Nokia!

  2. Awesome video demo! That’s an extremely helpful car alarm, especially since it is connected to a mobile phone. You would definitely know when your vehicle is in danger of being stolen, what’s great about this alarm is you can track where your car is when it’s not where you left it!

  3. Avatar Julian says:

    Wish I could take the credit for the Video, but it’s not mine, however the installation is ­čÖé

    I have the same set up on the Honda Beat. It’s comforting to know that your car is safe even when out of earshot.

    Must make the effort and do some of my own videos soon.

  4. Yes it is really good to know that your car is in it’s proper place and you are given assurance with this device that it is safe and sound. Really helpful.

    I’ll be looking forward to your own video demos then! ­čÖé

  5. Avatar Junior says:

    dimelo julian
    im looking to get this alarm install in my car but i need to know more about whats the exact model number of this alarm or name and where i can find it and who can intall this in NY

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Alarm was a Cobra AK4198 with an additional Autowatch transponder immobiliser with custom transponder chips fitted inside the Cobra remote.

    The GPS pager is hooked up to the alarms pager out-put.

    Can’t say I’ve got any knowledge about New York installers.

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