Most Stolen Cars 2009-2012….

Here we go again…. All the lazy journos are posting stories based on the AA’s insurance statistics for stolen cars.

Most Stolen Cars

What they all seem to have missed is that the AA is not exactly known for offering insurance on high-risk cars. I point this out every bloody year, yet still, the merry-go-round turns!

Honda Torneo in at #1

Most of it has been stolen!

Most of it has been stolen!

Here is my favourite paragraph: (I’ve put the best bit in bold!)

Whether your car is an older import or not, there are some simple things you can do to make your car less attractive to thieves,” said Suzanne. “Install an alarm, a steering lock or consider an immobiliser and make sure it can be clearly seen. Thieves will always go for the easiest, fastest option, so if you make it just a little bit harder for them, chances are they’ll lose interest in your car and move on to an easier target.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely for an immobiliser to be effective, would it not be better if it was hidden? After all, if you can’t find it then you can’t bypass it!

Or maybe this is the advise that they have picked up from the likes of Mongoose, AVS and Meridian? It would explain why most of the installs I’ve seen lately have been really easy to find and bypass!

Perhaps the AA should stick to roadside recovery as they don’t seem to have much idea about car security!!!!

Oh well here’s the list:

1: Honda Torneo

2: Subaru Impreza

2: Subaru Forester

4: Subaru Legacy

5: Nissan Skyline

6: Nissan Cefiro

7: Nissan Sunny

8: Mazda MPV

9: Honda Integra

10: Mazda Atenza

Same crap again next year…..


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9 Responses to Most Stolen Cars 2009-2012….

  1. Avatar wang says:

    Torneo over impreza or skyline, Really??? Immobilized in plain view? Wtf is suzeanne smoking cos she really need to lay off it. It’s dumbing her big time. Another twat who is talking out of her arse.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    To be fair to to Suzanne, I don’t actually believe that she thinks immobilisers modules should be on display. It’s probably more a case of really bad use of English and crap grammar.

    I’m very pedantic about poor English, especially from people who get paid to be word smiths.

  3. Avatar jerry says:

    Maybe the $99 car alarm from jaycar that talks to you would be a betterer option?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Whilst I’ve got my pedantic cap on, I’ll point out that “betterer” is not a word!

    Not that I’m perfect, I’ll be the first to admit to going to the edit button when I spot a mistake 😉

  5. Avatar Rick says:

    The thing that bugs me about the lazy journalism here is there’s no attempt to give the AA list any context from a statistics point of view. I mean we don’t even know how much of the insurance market the AA has and why should we expect their sample to be representative of NZ in general. As you pointed out we “know” anecdotally that high risk cars are under-represented.

    Surely it’s possible to get numbers from all the major insurers and get a more complete picture. Since that means a journo would have to do some actual work I guess that’s not going to happen.

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Even if we had the data from all insurance companies, the actual number of stolen cars may not be accurate given that insurance is not compulsory in NZ.

    If I worked for one of the tabloid hacks and wanted to get some accurate numbers on vehicle theft then I would simply look on the NZ Police website:

  7. Avatar Eugene says:

    All that tells us is that people with Honda Torneos prefer AA insurance.

  8. Avatar Kez says:

    All Japanese again but never Toyota on the list. But most stolen a Honda, OMG. ….but not even listing 200SX/Silvia these stats are skewed and now don’t mean anything. Bet NAC would show very different reports with their clients they have.

  9. Julian Julian says:

    Good to see that I’m not the only one who is being critial of the lazy journos. The comment section of the Stuff website echos what I’ve pointed out.

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