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The AA has just released the statistics on the Most stolen cars for the past 4 years and the Nissan Silvia tops the chart for the Second year running.

The fact that pre-2000 models are high on the list is not a surprise because of the lack of factory security. Although it is worth noting that plenty of post-2000 models are still lacking even a basic Immobiliser.

31% of cars stolen had security installed!

This does beg the question about what security was fitted and why it has not been effective?

It suggests that there are plenty of car thieves who are able to get past the basic security installed in these vehicles.

Why are car security systems not effective?

At the risk of sounding boring, I have to point at the poor level of installation available. Whilst having an alarm/Immobiliser is no guarantee that your car won’t get stolen, a good installation can make a big difference to how long it takes to get past the security.

How can you make your car security more effective?

Picking an Installer who is NZSA registered is a good start – Read the NZSA installer post. If you don’t then you may well find your insurance to be invalid as Star rated alarms is only insurance approved if installed by an NZSA certified installer. Have a look on the NZSA website for more details.

The Your Guide page on the Obsessive website contains information about the most effective security installation methods so have a good read up and consider the points before getting a car alarm or immobiliser.

The Most Stolen Cars according to the AA

Most Stolen Car for the 2nd year running!

AA Most Stolen Car award for the 2nd year running!

1. Nissan Silvia
2. Subaru Impreza
3. Nissan Skyline
4. Subaru Legacy
5. Mitsubishi Legnum
6. Honda Integra
7. Subaru Forester
8. Mazda Lantis
9. Honda Prelude
10. Mazda Familia

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