Mongoose Test Certification Available Upon Request!



As regular readers will know. The New Zealand Security Association stopped representing vehicle security standards in April 2012.

Since then the likes of Mongoose and AVS have continued to use the “Star Rating System” as a sales tool, even though it no longer officially exists.

On the Mongoose website it is claimed that:

All Mongoose vehicle security systems have been independently tested and certified to comply to the joint Australian/New Zealand Standards by Scientific Services Laboratories or Austest Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.
Evidence of certification is available upon request.

I have saved the following image form the Mongoose site as evidence that it existed (you never know, it could magically vanish!)


My past attempts to request that Mongoose front up

In the past I asked the inept Greg Watts from the New Zealand Security Association if he had actually see any test certificates from Mongoose. He failed to front up and the decision was quickly taken for the NZSA to cease representing vehicle security standards. Clearly having to front up to a simple question made it difficult them to continue the farce that was the star rating system!

Mongoose Email

Anyway seeing that Mongoose want to continue using the Star rating system, I have just sent the following email to Mongoose NZ:

Dear fellow compatriot.

I see that on your website that you state that evidence of product certification is available upon request:

Given this I would like to request the test certificates for the following Mongoose alarm systsem:

M60 Series (M60, M60G etc)
M80 Series (M80, M80G etc)
“TA” 5 star alarm

Kind Regards,

I now look forwards to seeing the certificates that they claim are available and will update this space as soon as I have any news.


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  1. Julian Julian says:

    The email I have got back (Also put on the Obsessive Facebook page by Mr Harley).


    When the NZSA formed the vehicle security group, all those wishing to have an Star rating applied to their product had to submit to the NZSA their test certificate and a sample of the product being offered for sale.

    The certificates and products were examined by all ‘vehicle security’ committee members (Mongoose, AVS, AutoWatch, Dynatron, Uniden, Black Widow, Meridian) including non-industry NZSA staff.
    All NZSA industry members were invited to attend meetings, but few, if any, actually turned up !
    Certificates were, and probably still are, held by the NZSA in a master file.
    Where the certificate was called into question, the NZSA contacted the testing laboratory for verification of authenticity.

    Once approved, the product was allocated an NZSA Star Rating label.

    The Star Rating was devised by the vehicle security group as an easy way to identify the level of security relative to its certification.
    Previously, the only way to do that was by reading the AS/NZS Standards number which has no meaning other than being a file number.
    Only paid up members of the NZSA could apply for a Star Rating and be allowed to display the Star label on their products, packaging and advertising.

    When the NZSA closed the vehicle group due to a lack of interest and support from the trade, the alarm importers continued the Star rating identifier but deleted the NZSA inscription.
    The importers agreed to meet if at any time one of them wished to introduce a new model for which they wanted to claim a Star Rating.

    Discussions took place with the MTA for them to take over the Star Rating system, but again, there was a complete lack of interest from the industry and the fees were astronomical !

    We find it curious that you are requesting copies of our certification as you are not a Mongoose dealer and you are not a retail consumer looking to purchase a Mongoose alarm.
    We do question why you want these ?

    However, as you requested, we attach examples of our certification.
    We will not send you all our certificates as we are not sure why you want them or of your intent.
    We do hereby state that any Mongoose product that is claimed to be tested and certified is a true and accurate statement.


    Andrew Harley
    Sales Manager
    Mongoose NZ Ltd

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