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Mongoose have recently been making an effort to push their CA1 Toyota alarm. It is claimed that is now rated as a NZSA 5 star (I’ll get on to that later) and I dare say that they will be attempting to hit Toyota NZ to push sales.

The question that all Toyota owners will want to know. Is it actually any good, or should they consider the excellent Cobra AK4147?

The recent 5 star Muppetry post pretty much covers my views on the siren that is offered by the “TA”.

It seems incredible that Mongoose have the technical know how to produce a CAN-BUS alarm, yet seem unable to make a digital battery back-up siren. Let’s face it, the Managing Director of Mongoose reads the blog on a regular basis and takes the time to comment so he will be well aware of how little protection such sirens offer!

Easy installation

Where Mongoose will probably win with the “TA” is the ease of installation. The alarm simply plugs into the Toyota Diagnostic plug, add the siren etc and done. This means that any fool can now install it with little, or no technical know how whatsoever.

How Much Protection?

Mongoose state under the list of alarm features: ” CanBus data communication for added security”. Quite how this offers added security is beyond me. All that is required to defeat the alarm is for the siren to be ripped out of the engine bay and the alarm to be unplugged from the easy to access diagnostic plug!

Tested and certified to AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A.

We almost need a Tui billboard for this one! I’ll be expressing my concerns about the standards soon as CAN-BUS alarms were not even around in 2003 when they were last reviewed!

Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1) 


CA1 (Controlled by Toyota Remote)

RRP NZ: $499.00

Mongoose Rating: Mongoose 5 Star

Obsessive Rating: Nearly as Feckless as the NZSA Star rating System!

An alarm made so easy to install that even a simpleton could fit it. Sadly the concept of an alarm being a security product seems to be an oversight! 



Easy Installation

Controlled by Toyota remote

Battery Back-up Siren with Over-ride keys

Glass break sensor.

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