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Last week a customer asked me why Mongoose only offer a 6-month warranty on new remote controls. His existing M60 remote had failed and he wanted reassurance that a replacement remote would not crap out on him again. Most alarm manufactures offer 12 months warranty on their remote controls, Mongoose NZ, however, seems to be the exception to this rule.

He felt that this was not good enough so had me replace the alarm with an Autowatch system.

Here is a snap of the Mongoose remote page:



Should we expect more from Mongoose?

Well, my customer certainly felt that this was not good enough and wanted to know why. Given this I thought it would be a good idea to flick an email to Mongoose to ask if their customers (and dealers) deserved better support on their products:

Good afternoon.

I have had a request from a customer asking me to contact you to enquire why you only offer a six month warranty on your remote controls when the industry standard is twelve months?
My customer did not find this acceptable and had me remove his alarm and replace it with a different brand which offered better after sales support.

Please could you explain why the warranty period on your remote controls is so short?

Kind Regards,

Obsessive Vehicle Security Limited

I have had comments on this blog in the past from the Managing director of Mongoose claiming that they do not have reliability issues so it will be interesting to see what response I get!

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2 Responses to Mongoose Remote Warranty?

  1. Avatar Julian says:

    Update: This is the email from Mongoose NZ


    The section of our website that you refer to is for spare part/replacement remotes.

    If you read the owner’s manual section of our website, there is a copy of the warranty terms and conditions. Contained in this are the warranty periods for the various product categories that we sell. You will note that remotes when sold with a new security system have a warranty period of 12 months – the same as the industry ‘rule’. These warranty terms and conditions can be found here:

    Should you have any further questions about our products or support, please give us a call and we will be happy to clear up any confusion you may have.

    Andrew Harley
    Sales Manager
    Mongoose NZ Ltd

    To make things clear there is no confusion on my part at all. Mongoose only offer 6 months warranty on replacement remote controls whilst all the other brands I deal with offer 12 months.

    Disappointing Mongoose 🙁

    P.S. Having had a good read of that warranty form I see that the LED lighting only has 60 Days! WTF I’ve had candles last longer then that! Could one assume there is a very high fail rate!!!

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