Mongoose now offer 12 Months Warranty on Remote Controls!

Warranty on Remote Controls


Back in March, I wrote an email to Mongoose asking them why they only offered 6 months warranty on their replacement remote controls.

The email that came back from Andrew Harley (Mongoose sales manager). It was disappointing and I pointed out that I believed Mongoose customers deserved better after sales support.

Anyway, I’m pleased to inform you all that Mongoose have sorted their act out. They now offer 12 months on replacement remote controls.

The Power of the Obsessive Blog?

Whilst it would be easy to gloat about how the Obsessive Blog has made a difference, I know that it’s very unlikely that Mongoose would be big enough to admit such a thing! Hell Mongoose has not even informed me of the change, one of my customers told me!

Anyway, actions speak louder then words and I’d like to be the first to commend Mongoose for offering better customer service.

Thumbs Up Mongoose ­čśŤ

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