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The MAP80 Series like most other Mongoose alarms comes with a heap of different model numbers. MAP80G, MAP80GNZ and MAP80S.  I’ll get around to explaining all the variants later but will first explain that the MAP80 Series is the Upgrade alarm from Mongoose.

Please read the Upgrade Alarms post to make yourself familiar with how they work for a better understanding.

The MAP80 is certainly not the most sophisticated upgrade alarm available. Where other upgrade alarms can learn the exact timing of the arm/disarm commands, the MAP80 can only read them. This limits how versatile it is and makes an effective installation far harder to achieve.

Enable mode

When installed using Enable mode (read upgrade alarm post) the alarm indicator sense wire must be isolated from the hazard switch. Turning the hazard lights on, then unlocking the doors would trick the alarm to disarm.  Whilst there are ways that a good installer can make it function correctly most competent installers will simply use a more sophisticated alarm.

Disarm Inhibit Only

The MAP80 can only inhibit the unlocking of the vehicle which is something I find very disappointing. This means that if the vehicle is locked without the remote (assuming that the ignition is off) then the alarm will arm needlessly.

Battery backup siren easy to disable

Because the siren comes with an over-ride key it has to be accessible, this means that it can not be hidden or placed out of reach and makes it highly vulnerable to attack. Personally, I find the sound of the siren a tad on the lame. It certainly seems lame when compared to the Cobra AB3868 siren.

On a positive note, the siren output can be hooked up to a pager which is lacking form the Autowatch or the Cobra Upgrades!

The Mongoose MAP80 Series range

Mongoose MAP80G

MAP80S (Mongoose 4 Star) Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser/Impact sensor

MAP80GNZ (Mongoose 5 Star) Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass-break

MAP80G (Mongoose 5 Star) Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass-break/Impact sensor

Mongoose MAP80 Series RRP:

MAP80S $579.00

MAP80GNZ $549.00

MAP80G $599.00

Obsessive Rating: Lacking!

As a 5 star upgrade the Mongoose MAP80 Series simply does not cut it when compared to the Autowatch 555CLAM or the Cobra AB3868, as a 4 star the Dynatron D4600 is probably a better option



  • Battery backup siren
  • Dual Immobiliser
  • Impact Sensor (MAP80S & MAP80G)
  • Glass Break Sensor (MAP80G & MAP80GNZ)

PDF iconMAP80 User Manual

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