The M80 is the Top model from Mongoose and along with the M60 has had a recent revamp with new remotes and extra features.

The M80 now has a three-button remote with an added panic button, along with the arm/disarm button and boot release. The new remotes also have images on them to make the functions clear.

NOTE: The new M80 remotes are not compatible with the old pre-March 2009 models so make sure to order the right one if you are after a replacement.

The main point of difference with the M80 range over the M60 is that it offers three points of Immobilisation instead of the two found on the M60 series.

Piss poor siren!

The M80S features the same battery back-up siren found on the M80GNZ and M80G, so adding a Glass Break Sensor will upgrade it to an M80G. (See the Product range listing below the photo if you’re getting confused!)

Personally I’d have liked to have seen Mongoose update the M80 to have a digital battery back-up siren, after all, we are well into the 21st Century now, it really is about time that Mongoose (and others) caught up with the likes of Autowatch and Cobra who updated their old “Over-ride” key sirens in the early 1990’s!

Full details on how the M80 siren performs compared to other brands:

Disappointing Immobiliser

The other issue I have is the size of the M80. Big is not always better, especially when you are trying to hide an Immobiliser case behind a dashboard, the M80 really does put limitations on where an installer can place it.

Personally, I’d expect much more from what is branded as a top model. Here are the details about how poor the immobiliser is:

The Mongoose M80 Series Range of Alarms and Immobilisers



M80i (Mongoose 3 Star) Immobiliser

M80S (Mongoose 4 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser with Shock Sensor

M80GNZ (Mongoose 5 Star) Alarm Immobiliser with Glass Break Sensor

M80G (Mongoose 5 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser with Glass Break/Shock Sensor

New M80 now comes with a fashionable Blue LED as well as built-in Turbo timer. Other than that and the new remotes little has changed from the old M80




Mongoose M80 Series RRP:

M80i $429.00

M80S $599.00

M80GNZ $599.99

M80G $649.00

Obsessive Rating: Well known but I’d avoid it!
Will still be a popular alarm but Mongoose may well suffer from reliability issues due to D.I.Y. Installations which inevitably happen when sold from the likes of Dick Smiths, Repco and other none specialist shops. A quick glance on Trade me shows how easy these are to purchase without qualified installation which is the main reason we get woken up at 3 am by the neighbours’ car alarm going off for no apparent reason!




  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Trunk Release

PDF iconM80 Series User Manual

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14 Responses to MONGOOSE M80 SERIES

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  2. Nitesh says:

    Best car alarm …. i have got M80G installed in my car. This car alarm is worth it.

  3. Julian says:

    G’day Nitesh,

    What is it that makes you think the M80G is the Best car alarm? Is it the large alarm module that is difficult to hide? Or the Battery Back-up Siren with its over-ride key and bullet terminals which is easy to rip out of the engine bay?

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  5. Grant Marsh says:

    Why do you keep going on about the size ? The M80 is a full immobiliser and alarm with built-in central locking relays. It’s not like the immobiliser only products you compare it to…if you are making comparisons, do it fairly and get your facts right.
    I am an A grade car alarm installer with many years experience in NZ and Oz so I know what I’m talking about.
    I don’t have particular favourite brands as most Star rated products are more than satisfactory.
    I think you are being irresponsible in your comments as you are detailing how to overcome security systems – hardly good advice let alone professional…..are you sure you are NZSA approved ?

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Grant,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I mention the size of the Unit as I believe it limits how effective the installation can be. I don’t see any reason to have the locking relays contained in a unit if it makes it bulky!

    I have experience working in the UK which is probably why I see the bigger picture. Whilst I don’t have a favorite brand I certainly favour the systems that meet with Thatcham standards over the usual Aus/NZ models which I don’t believe are as effective.

    Yes I am sure I am NZSA approved, but I don’t consider that having NZSA approval makes me a good installer.

    To become an approved installer you have to pass an exam. This gets sent to you via the post and you have 6 months to return it. It is only your signature which says that you actually filled it in so the whole precess is a joke!

    I regards to me being irresponsible, most car thieves are not stupid and already know this information. All I am doing is putting the information out there so my customers (and others) can make an informed decision.

  7. Julian says:

    P.S. What is a “A grade” alarm installer. Plus would I qualify? I’d be interested to know about your history.

  8. TJ says:

    Hi I have Had alot of work done by obsessive vehicle and i highly recomend him and his work,
    I wouldnt trust anyone else to do work on my car.

  9. Julian says:

    Hi TJ,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.


    Are you going to concede and admit that a large immobiliser is much harder to hide then a small one?

    How simple is my point?

    The only people I know of who don’t agree are those who produce or sell bulky Immobiliser modules…

    Mmmm I wander, why might that be?

  10. Julian says:

    This from the Mongoose website:

    The M80G has earned itself a reputation second to none as being one of the best vehicle security systems available. It has all the features you would expect to find and offers the utmost in security, long term reliability and ease of use.

    Second to none? You’re having a laugh surely… This is just marketing bullshit! Have a read of the Cobra and Autowatch reviews which put the M80G to the sword!

    I expect much more from an alarm system. To say that the M80G offers the “utmost in security” is in my opinion a load of Bollocks!

  11. Matt says:

    If i knew how crap these were I would have never forked out $800 for one these to be installed.

    The installer was legit but should have told me how easy it would be to disable. if i pop my bonnet i can rip out the siren then the thief has all the peace and quiet to finish the job

    I think there needs to be a 10 star rating system

  12. Julian says:

    Your comments are spot on Matt.

    It is very frustrating to see people like you getting mislead about what is claimed to be effective security. Some companies know that their alarms are substandard, some installers simply don’t know any better, and the NZSA clearly don’t give a toss, so long as the membership money keeps coming in!

    The star rating clearly needs to be updated, I intend to keep exposing just how bad the current standards are until things change.

  13. Trevor says:

    I’ve had the M80 for quite some time, 6-9 years I suppose, so here’s my thoughts. I think Julian gets it exactly right.

    1) I agree the big size and easy to get to location is not good. It couldn’t be easier to access and disinstall. That’s what I think every time I open the bonnet so to see the same opinion here confirms it for me.

    2) The alarm reset (at 30 seconds?) is way too short so after getting gear out of the car you have to fight to disarm it, wait, and then rearm it properly before walking off.

    3) The chirping of the immobiliser is close to being the single most annoying thing you can think of for you and the neighbours. It would even activate while you were listening to the radio so I had to get a custom diode thingybob setup so at least it wouldn’t reset while the key was at switch one position. Imagine sitting at lights or traffic jam, save some petrol for a moment but when things start to move you can’t start the car, it makes embarrassing noises, and you fumble for the key fob.

    4) I note they’ve updated the button thing two or three times since I bought my one. I presume that fixed all the issues my ones have had.

    Everything else about it has worked perfectly and reliably.
    For me, however, the annoyance factor would preclude getting it again. I really believe security should be transparent not invasive. Otherwise we’re letting the terrorists win.

  14. Elliot says:

    Thank you so much for your review. I am considering a new alarm for my car at the moment and this proved really beneficial!

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