The M60 from Mongoose has just had a revamp, as of March 2009 the new M60 comes with a new Remote and some new features.

The remote now has an additional panic button and icons to make it clear what each button does. It seems to be more rugged than the old two button remote it replaces.

The biggest weakness with the old remotes were the rubber buttons which would often wear out and didn’t really get on with finger nails! Personally I’ve carried out more repairs on the old M60 remote than any other alarm, but to be fair to Mongoose there are an awful lot of M60’s out there! The new remote looks like it will last longer than its predecessor but only time will tell how it actually performs.

NOTE: The new M60 Remote is not compatible with the pre-March 2009 M60 so make sure to order the right one if you are after a replacement.

Annoying “Features”

Moving onto the alarm the M60 can be a pain to live with, the M60 has what is known as an anti hot-wire feature. In plain English this means that if the vehicle is Immobilised and you go to start the car the alarm sets the siren off. It does not matter how careful you are to avoid this, sooner or later you will start cussing about how annoying it is as the Immobiliser only takes 30 seconds to arm. You’d only need to do this once or twice to piss your neighbours off and make them completely immune to the alarm, which is half the reason car alarms have such a bad reputation.

The Mongoose M60 Series Range of Alarms and Immobilisers




M60i (Mongoose 3 Star) Immobiliser

M60B (Mongoose 4 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser with Shock Sensor

M6oS (Mongoose 4 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser with Glass Break Sensor

M60GNZ (Mongoose 5 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser with Glass Break Sensor

M60G (Mongoose 5 Star) Alarm/Immobiliser, Glass Break/Shock Sensor

New M60 Series Goes Blue

The old dull red LED has now been replaced with a “Hyper Blue LED” and Mongoose have added a  built in Turbo Timer to the series.

What Security does the Mongoose M60 offer?

The Alarm module (apart from some new internals) is still the same as the bulky out going M60. This makes it hard for an installer to hide and once found the unit is easy to open and then by-pass.  As an immobiliser it is far to easy to defeat.

Vulnerable Remote Controls

It is also worth noting that the remote controls have a big security weakness as programming is not pin code protected.

Poor Battery Back-up Siren

The Battery back-up siren found on the 5 Star models still comes with an over-ride key which means that the installer must make it accessible which really defeats the purpose of having a battery back-up siren!

To make matters worse the M60G siren can be turned off in seconds without the key!


Mongoose M60 Series RRP :

M60i $399.00

M60B $499.00

M60S $529.00

M60GNZ $529.00

M60G $599.00

Obsessive Rating: Below Average

For such a well known brand of alarm the Mongoose M60 is very disappointing!





  • Built in Turbo Timer
  • Trunk Release

PDF iconM60 Series User Manual

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  1. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Lisa,
    If the ignition is turned on whilst the immobiliser is on then it will make the annoying beeping you describe. If it is doing it when the car is unattended then it sounds like a unit or wiring fault.

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