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Following on from the previous post I would like to issue an apology if the post appeared misleading. Here is the response from Mongoose NZ GM David Harley:

We are not sure what you mean by ‘some issues’ with the M60 remote. This infers that there is more than one issue.
The only recent ‘issue’ was about 2% of production models had shorter than normal remote reception range – about 5 metres from the vehicle – which incidently is about the same as most factory remotes using the infrared system.
This was caused by the RF receiver board – not the remote control itself, so your blog is inaccurate.
An upgraded RF receiver board has been retro-fitted to all M60’s, those in our and our dealers stock, plus those of any customer who may have experienced shorter than normal range. All Mongoose dealers have been issued a service bulletin on this matter which is now resolved. We suggest that your blog comments be suitably brought up to date.

David Harley

Thank you for correcting me David. I can’t find the words to express how honoured I am that you read my blog.

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2 Responses to Mongoose M60 Remote update

  1. Avatar Jono says:

    Great website Julian!! Have found it more than informative and will help me make purchasing decisions on my next car.

    I too was having issues with my 60G and read your post so called Mongoose up.

    They were great! Called them in the morning, had my car booked in the arvo and they fixed it in about 20mins.

    Getting wayyy better range now!

    If anyone else is having problems with theirs dont put up with it esp if your still under warranty! (i did for a couple of months). Call up Mongoose with your details and get it looked at!!

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Thanks for the kind comments Jono. It’s great to know that my blog has been of some help to you. Here’s the number for Mongoose for anyone else who may have come across this issue: 0800 MONGOOSE or (09) 443 3128

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