Mongoose M60 Remote confusion!



Getting a replacement remote control for a Mongoose alarm has always been confusing, but Mongoose seem intent on making things as difficult as possible!

Today I got a call from a young lady with a Nissan Skyline who’s Mongoose M60 remote had failed her. Now picture the situation, I’m on the phone and ask the usual questions such as:

“Do you have your PIN Code over-ride?”

“Have you tried to enter it?”

To which she informs me that she has the over-ride code, but neither she or the AA man could get it to work. I then have to ask if the alarm has a two or three button remote, to which I am informed that it is a 3 button. I now have to find out if it is a three button remote that works on 303Mhz (Blue LED) or 433Mhz (Red LED).

So I ask the question:

“What colour LED does your remote have when you press the button? Blue or Red?”

To which the reply comes:


Check out the cache of the Mongoose website below to see if it is an option!

Blue or Red as shown on the Mongoose Website!

By now I’ve jumped to the conclusion that I’m talking to a Blonde and give up asking questions! I jump in the Wagon and head out to help her.

Low and behold I was completely wrong about my assumption of her being an air head! The remote did have a green LED and she did have her Pin Code, which even I could not enter (and I’ve done enough to be very well practised) so I ended up having to remove the alarm to get her on her way.

What frequency does the Green M60 Three Button Remote function on?

Mongoose Remote Fail!

So with the alarm by-passed I decided that it would be useful to find out what frequency the remote actually was. So out came the frequency tester…


The Exclusive Mongoose M60 Three button Green remote works on 433Mhz. It’s just a shame that the alarm had died!

This does beg the question “How difficult does getting a replacement Mongoose remote need to be?”

Let’s face it, the customer was confused, I was puzzled and by the look of the Mongoose website it would seem that they don’t have a clue either!

And this is just the M60, add in the M80 with it’s two button remote’s and the three button remote’s that works on 303Mhz or 433Mhz that either has a Blue or Red LED or maybe even a Green LED (Does anyone actually know?) plus all the other alarms in the range, and I’m starting to think that I may need to get a tow-bar put on the Obsessive wagon to lug a trailer around, simply so I can cart enough of the bloody things around so I’m prepared for any eventuality!

To make matters even worse Mongoose only give 6 months warranty on remote’s (the norm is 12 months) so I’m guessing that there is an expectation of failure!

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3 Responses to Mongoose M60 Remote confusion!

  1. Avatar Julian says:

    Love it, Mongoose have now updated their website. Why no comments from them this time? I was expecting the usual statement telling me that I have a lack of understanding about car security! :mrgreen:

  2. Avatar mike trophy says:

    Mon…what a bunch of goose aye!!!oversized alarm brain boxes with little brain inside.

  3. Avatar Julian says:

    Class, I’ll have to steal that one off you. Genius :mrgreen:

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