Mongoose M30



The M30 is the entry level alarm from Mongoose. It’s a none insurance rated system for those on a very tight budget.

The Mongoose comes with a 4 button remote that has separate lock an unlock buttons, plus has the option of boot pop with an extended press of the unlock button. The quality of remote itself has that cheap and nasty look and feel to it that you get from many of the crap systems that come in from China and Taiwan!

Mongoose M30 siren!

The siren is probably the most disappointing part of the M30. The sound it makes is more of a croak than a chirp. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it sounds like a castrated frog!

Now before the “reptiles have right lobby group” get upset I’d like to point out that I’m using my imagination here. No perverted experiments with little green things have been carried out here. It’s simply the best way to describe how pathetic the M30 siren is!

Mongoose M30 review

Crazy Frog Features!

The M30 will croak if a door/bonnet or boot is left open when arming. The warning croak will not occur until 10 seconds after the alarm is armed, after which time you’ll probably be well out of range and fail to hear it! Pointless!!!

Re-branded crap from China?

I’m sure I’ve been offered this alarm from one of the countless numbers of manufacturers who contact me from China, needless to say, these end up my spam box! I’m sure the Mongoose will correct me if I’m wrong here :mrgreen:

Disappointing Immobiliser

To quote Mongoose “The M30 is a fully featured alarm system including an engine immobiliser”.

This may sound good but the reality is that the immobiliser is simply a ground when armed output that is wired to an external relay! I really dislike people who hype up crap features to make a system sound better than it really is. Mongoose seems to have mastered the art of bullshit here!

Under the list of features for the M30 on the Mongoose website, it also states that there is an option of a 2nd Engine immobiliser:

Mongoose sales spin really is utter bullshit!

So that will be a second external relay then! Why not got the whole hog and claim that the M30 has the option of 3 or even 4 immobiliser cuts?

Mongoose M30

RRP: $299.00

Obsessive Rating: You can’t polish the M30!

Don’t get sucked in by the Mongoose sales spin, it really is terrible! If you need a crap alarm then save some dollars and purchase some horrid no-name brand thing on Trade me rather then paying Mongoose for their name!!!



Immobiliser with an option of 2nd immobiliser or 3rd or 4th etc…

Two Remotes


Door Open Warning croak *10 seconds later…

Built-in CDL Relays

Trunk Release

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