Meridian Immobiliser

Meridian - Warning!

Crap Immobiliser – Warning!

It’s a little uncanny that I pulled out yet another Meridian Immobiliser today to add to the Car Alarm Graveyard. I was intending to do a review on the security housing of the Dynatron Immobiliser but that can now wait until next week!

I’ve now lost count of how may Meridian systems I have removed. To date, I have yet to see one that has been installed to even a half respectable standard.

Speaking to the owners of the vehicles I have removed them from they were normally installed by a used car yard! However, the standard of the installation is not what I am looking at today. It is the Immobiliser security housing.

Meridian Immobiliser Case

Meridian Immobiliser Case

Meridian Immobiliser Housing put to the Test!

The Meridian has two Torx 10 screws holding the case together which would probably take about 25 seconds to undo, I say probably because I haven’t actually got the stopwatch out and timed it, why would I when I can rip it open with my bare hands in 5 seconds? Much quicker than having to search in my toolbox for my rarely used Torx 10 screwdriver!

But it does comply with AS/NZ Standards!

I wrote a letter to the NZSA (New Zealand Security Association) about two years ago expressing my concerns over the lack of secure housing. They, in turn, wrote to the TF group that imports Meridian alarms with my concerns.

Here is their response:

“Our case is a softer plastic rather than a hard one, the manufacturer’s logic being that it can withstand an attack with a hammer, most hard cases can’t, they split or shatter.

The AS/NZ standards obviously have no problem with it as they approved it.

Once someone has located a unit, any unit, most of them are relatively easy to open and once you got that they are all started within seconds, as far as that side goes.”

Meridian car alarm

Stop. Hammer Time!

Quite why anyone would need to take a hammer to one is beyond me when it is clearly easy to open with your fingers…

Oh well, enough said!

Obsessive Rating: Embarrassingly Poor!

Conclusive proof that AS/NZ standards are pathetic!

It probably goes without saying the Meridian fails to meet Thatcham standards

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22 Responses to Meridian Immobiliser

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  3. Jaydene Wainwright says:

    Hi there, I have a 1997 bmw 320i with a meridian immobiliser that is just playing up the beeper thing we have only works when it wants to then the lights play up and the indicators go off complete nightmare ! Was just wondering if I disconnect it and pull it all out will my car start every time ? Sorry if silly question..

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Jaydene,

    The immobiliser cuts will need to be bypassed and soldered back to how the cars wiring was before the meridian was put in.

    An immobiliser is simply a switch that cuts a wire making the electrics immobilised. When you disarm the immobiliser it simply joins that wire back up allowing the car to start. If you cut the switch out then the wires will still need reconnecting.

    Hope this explains it well enough for you. If you are in the Wellington area then I’ll be able to remove it for you and make sure everything is as it should be.


  5. Will says:

    Hi I have a car and just took the battery out now car won’t start I have never had any button to press , just normal key to star lock every time.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Will

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Will,

    I highly recommend putting the battery back in the car. It’s need to power up the starter motor along with many other functions in the vehicle!

  7. Will says:

    Sorry that sounded wrong , I put the battery back in the car after I had used if for another vehicle . And then it would start.

    Looking at an old post from 2011 the Corolla liven sounds like I bought that car

    As to my situation had been driving fine up until now . Car has markdown stickers on it
    Is there a reset switch to deactivate it?

    Thanks for your reply . Will

  8. Will says:

    Meridian sticker , with a random black box under dash with no label / brand etc ,


  9. Julian says:

    Hi Will,

    The only switch that will deactivate your alarm is the remote switch.
    My recommendation as I’ve mention over and over again in this blog post and comment section is to get the system removed.

  10. Daphne says:

    Hey Julian, I see that you promote Autowatch on your website. I live up in Auckland and wanted to share my experience with them. We had a Meridian car alarm and the remote wouldn’t unlock our car. We were in the middle of a house move so we needed to get the car going again asap. After searching the internet for ages we found Autowatch and gave them a call.
    On their advice we decided to get the immobilizer removed. After the 10 minute job and $200 later my husband discovered that our car cannot lock at all. There was no mention at any time that our car would not lock after the removal, which we think is pretty crucial information to expect from a ‘car security’ company. When we called back regarding this the technician was rude and offered no solution. All he said was that we paid for disconnection only. However, if we knew that we wouldn’t be able to lock our car after the immobilizer was disconnected we would have looked at other options and not paid him $200. We are really disappointed with the Auckland service.
    Anyway, the bottom line is now we have a car that doesn’t lock. Does this always happen once an immobilizer is removed? Would you have any advice on what to do next as Autowatch didn’t provide any?

  11. Julian says:

    Hi Daphne,

    My advice is to contact Kishor (Managing director) at Autowatch. Personally I have always found him easy to deal with. If you are not happy with the service then make him aware of it.

    There are always two sides to every tale and publishing your grievances here is not the way to deal with it.

    I have no way of knowing if the central locking was working before they carried out the immobiliser removal. If the Meridian has alarm has been removed then the Meridian remote will no longer work so you will have lost your key-less entry. Can you lock the door with the key? Does the key even fit in the lock? Again without seeing the car I have no way of judging the situation or to know what you have agreed with Autowatch.

    Personally I carry out a full check after doing any work and make my customers aware of any issues.


  12. Tim says:

    I too have just had my Meridan alarm removed and replaced with an AVS.

    This alarm cost $550 6 years ago from buy right cars, to my surprise it’s the worst alarm on the market. During that time I’ve been through 4 Remotes(original 2, and then two replaced under warranty). 2-3 years ago the siren stopped working, and about a year ago the 4th and final remote stopped working (from outside the car) as it was out of warranty i couldn’t stomach spending money knowing it’s just rubbish for a new remote, so for the last long while i’ve had to manually unlock the car, start it with either the red card combo, or by pressing the button on the remote anywhere from once to like 50 plus times, tried new batteries and all. What a waste of time.

    I wouldn’t recommend this brand to anyone, upon opening the alarm box it just seems cheap, looks like it’s what you’d get for like $50 or less from ebay… I guess the only feature of the Alarm that actually works is the immobilizer which is a bloody pain as you can’t then start you car!!!!

    Super frustrating, for those out there who don’t know much about alarms and when your at the dealers buying a car and they try to upsell you a car alarm, just walk away and get one installed yourself once you’ve done your own research..

  13. Izzy says:

    Hi i have a meridian immobilizer alarm. i am having difficulty with the sensor it seems to work when it wants to after aggressive button pushing im sick of it and was wondering how to disable it any help would be appreciated

  14. Julian says:

    Hi Izzy,

    If you’re in the Wellington area then give me a call during work hours and I’ll book you into have it removed or replaced. If not try your local installer.

  15. Ash says:

    Hi Julian,
    Thanks for running this site and hosting a forum for all the Meridian Victims out here.
    At 4am on Sunday morning my Meridian car alarm started screaming, I wasn’t home. My wife used the remote to turn it off. Then it started again 5 minutes later. Same thing, on and off for half an hour until it just went off continuously. The neighbor gave her a hand to pop the bonnet and disconnect the battery.
    Anyway, My questions if you have the time and inclination to help:
    – can I just cut the circuit to the siren so I can still have keyless entry – or will that cause further issues to immobiliser etc? (We don’t want the alarm)
    – if it is possible to cut the siren, where would it normally be found? (subaru impreza hatch 97)
    – here in Auckland, how much should I expect to pay to rip the ####ing thing right out, and can you recommend anyone?

    Thanks in advance for any answers you might have…

  16. Julian says:

    Hi Ash,

    I can’t make any recommendations as far as installers go, nor can I predict what their charges maybe. This post explains…

    Cutting the wire to the siren should silence it, however if you short the 12 volt wire you risk popping the alarms fuse and then you’ll not be able to disarm it! You’ll be left with an alarm without any siren. Not a reliable keyless entry system,

  17. Ekara Librae says:

    How to deactivate meridian car alarm with a 4 digit pin number via ignition on and off. I tried this, turning ignition on and off three times which confirms the car is in
    the “Pin Number Mode.” But when I enter the first digit of the Pin Number by turning the ignition “ON” and counting the flashes of the dash LED and “OFF” when they correspond. I repeated this process of the other 3 digits. Can you explain what I am do wrong?

    I tried numerous times to contact Meridian on 0800 731 173 always goes to “voice box…”

    I put the key in the ignition, switch ON and OFF 3 times – no problem here. But I have a problem or two when doing the following steps:
    The PIN is a 5-digit code. I turned the ignition to the ON position and back to OFF the number of times of the first digit in my PIN code. E.G. my first two PIN code [from 4] is 54, I turn the key to ON then back to OFF 5 times.

    Is this process right?

    If so, does this mean the key should be turned ON/OFF smoothly and take approximately 1 second per ON/OFF cycle? Which as a result, I assumed, I am to watch the red alarm LED, after a couple of seconds it will flash once to tell me it has read the code. But I am not seeing that – or am I doing or observing something the wrong way?

    If above process is correct, I am ready to repeat for the 2nd digit of the PIN code (i.e. turn ignition ON then back to OFF 4 times).

    Let’s know your thoughts about what I am doing wrong – much appreciated.


  18. Julian says:

    Hi Ekara,

    The only technical advice I can give is to suggest having your Meridian alarm removed.
    If you are based in Wellington then I can do this for you.
    It is not a brand I sell or offer support for.


  19. Daniel Bloomfield says:

    Hi Julian are the immobiliser cuts on the meridian just the 4 located in a row? And if I solder the two wires on each of the 4 cuts back together is that all that is needed to be able to start my car again.. The thing shit it self tonight thought it was just the battery in the remote so I got a new one with solved nothing I even sealed the new battery to my spair remote to no prevail

  20. Rico says:

    Hey team another victim to these m alarms any help in auckland

  21. Julian says:

    Team? There is an I (No I in team) and my name is Julian and I am not in Auckland:

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