Meridian 2600S, 2600SS, 2600SB

Meridian - Warning!

Meridian – Warning!

In a recent post titled “Thieving Bastard Used Car Salesmen” I mentioned that Meridian produce one of the worst car alarms ever made. This has all come flooding back to me this week as I have removed 3 of them in the past 7 days!

I figured that I’d better explain my opinion as simply stating that they are crap is hardly going to be that credible. So here goes…..

Security Housing ?

The Meridian comes in a black plastic box just like the ones which you can purchase off the shelf at your local branch of Jaycar. As the photo below shows they don’t take much to defeat. Seeing that the immobiliser cuts are housed inside this is a big concern. Clearly the research and development department don’t have much of a budget to play with!

Who needs a screw driver?

Who needs a screw driver?

Remote programming

My next gripe about the Meridian is the remotes. Programming is a huge issue, to get a new one you need to have your serial number, then send off and order one directly from them. Given the lack of information about them this hardly convenient! It also begs the question “what happens should your remote falls into the wrong hands?” as it can’t be cancelled!


Autowatch have a rather cool device called the “Fog Off” which will fill your car with smoke if the alarm goes off. The Meridian can also fill your car with smoke! However a smoking mosfet and electrical burning smell are not really all that cool. Especially when they are in your car…

I have come across 4 Meridians which have burnt out this year alone, one of which even managed to fill the car interior with smoke whilst it was having a hissy fit! Needless to say that the customer was rather concerned! Now I’m not saying that all Meridians burn out, but for me to remove 4 is quite a large number in 12 months alone!

To be fair to Meridian they do offer a 3 year product warranty.

A smoked Meridian alarm!

A smoked Meridian alarm!

Questionable Standards

So how does such an alarm system which is this easy to defeat get NZSA approval? Simple, it passes the AS/NZ standards, so therefore meets with NZSA approval. This simply goes to show that AS/NZ standards need to be improved to catch up with Thatcham. Surely having an attack proof immobiliser housing has to be a minimum requirement?

Meridian Product Range

2600S $695

2600SS $795

2600SB $895

Obsessive Rating: Don’t get one!

The Meridian even makes Uniden look advanced. Watch out for pushy car dealers trying to sell these to make some big commision!

If you need a new remote for your Meridian alarm or have a warranty issue then you can contact Meridian on 0800 731 173

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32 Responses to Meridian 2600S, 2600SS, 2600SB

  1. Michael says:

    I have the misfortune of having a meridian alarm system ‘installed’ in my car. I did get the car second-hand so it I really didn’t know much about it then. The shock came when I rang the meridian number to get a new remote, as the one I had was not adequately engaging or disengaging the immobiliser system. Some times I had to keep clicking on my remote for several minutes to get it to actually work. Very frustrating.

    To get a new remote was going to cost me $110. I couldn’t believe it.
    I decided then to get Julian to look at my alarm system to see if there was a better way. He offered to come to me a time at my convenience. and showed me the location of the security housing and quickly dismantled it in seconds. The thought that crossed my mind was how could this be a called a security system when it was so easy to find, dismantle and tamper with. The alarm siren was also easy to find and neutralise.

    Bottom line- I would agree with the ‘Obsessive Rating’ – Don’t get one.
    Get a expert like Julian to recommend one and install it. He certainly knows the trade.

  2. Julian says:

    Just removed another Meridian alarm yesterday, this one had a remote which would not respond. The count of failed Meridian alarms I’ve removed in 2009 now stands at 9!

    I’m contemplating contacting meridian to see if they’d like to purchase the old security housings of the alarms back off me…

    On a positive note I have been recycling the wire!!!

  3. Julian says:

    Update: The number of Meridian alarms removed by my humble self in 2009 now stands at 12. That’s one Meridian alarm failing per month! As regular as clock work…

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  5. Charles says:

    I Have turbo timer d1 spec which i wanna install on my car, I was wondering how to disable the turbo timer from Meridian 2600sb alarm?. do I need to go to car alarm shop to disable it?

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Charles,

    The easiest may to disable the turbo timer on your 2600SB would be to simply remove the alarm! However if you do wish to keep the system then I’d suggest you let an alarm specialist do this for you. You could try and contact the TF Group to find out who your nearest dealer is. Tel: 0800 731 173

  7. Murray says:

    I’ve just bought a used car that came with a Meridian system. While trying to research the system, because I’ve got no documentation on how it works, I came across your website.

    Many thanks for your comments on how crummy the Meridian systems are, and how poorly installed they usually are (yes, mine hangs down from under the steering wheel!)

    I’m thinking that I should save myself some future grief by replacing it with something decent, and getting a professional installer that knows what they’re doing to do the install.

    Many thanks for the info on your website, it has been very useful and a real eye-opener!

  8. Dave says:


    I’ve also just recently bought a used car with a Meridian Alarm in it – for no good reason at all, the cental locking decided to stop working, except for the driver side door. It’s bloody inconvenient, and I’ve no idea how it has happened! Do you know if it’s something silly I’ve done and can be resolved with a cryptic combination of key presses on the key fob, or whether it’s been caused by the alarm malfunctioning?

    Apologies if this is a bit off topic, but I can’t find a resource for these questions, or a website for Meridian car alarms!

  9. Julian says:

    Hi Dave,

    It sounds more like an installation issue or a central locking problem. Having said that most installers who are happy to fit a Meridian tend to fall into the Muppet category. Such creatures are capable of all sorts of baffling wiring habits!

    What car is it in? Make, Model and Year. I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

  10. Dave says:

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for the reply – I’ve got a 1995 Subaru Legacy Grand Wagon – Over the last few days, I’ve noticed that the problem seems to occur completely at random without anything resembling a pattern. Sometimes, all 4 doors will unlock when the key fob is used, sometimes, just the driver door! Much appreciate any assistance you can suggest!

  11. Julian says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’m assuming the drivers door motor is retro-fit. The alarm will lock and unlock just the drivers door.

    The locking of the other doors will slave from the drivers doors, so under normal circumstances should follow the actions of the alarms locking commands.

    It sounds like the drivers door motor is not moving enough to trigger the switch in the door drivers that commands the other doors.

    In other words adjusting the drivers door motor will probably solve the problem, but of course without seeing the car this is just guess work!

    Hope this helps and make sense.

  12. Dave says:

    Hi again Julian,

    That both makes sense and helps a great deal. Under normal working conditions, there is a slight delay between the drivers door unlock starting and the rest of the doors following suit, so what you’re suggesting sounds spot on. I’m guessing that if I can get to the driver door motor, there would be a screw to make a manual adjustment to the amount that the motor turns? I guess I’ll find out when I take the door skin off to have a good look 🙂

    I really appreciate the assist there, thanks again!

  13. Julian says:

    Hi Dave,

    You should find that everything becomes clear once the door card has been removed.

    Good luck, I hope this fixes it for you.


  14. Foster says:


    I’ve conveniently lost my second remote for my 2600SS, what’s the best way to disable the alarm, or what’s my best move from here?

    Thnaks 🙂

  15. obsessed says:

    I’ve conveniently lost my second remote for my 2600SS, what’s the best way to disable the alarm, or what’s my best move from here?

    Personally I’d get an alarm specialist to remove the system. Where are you located?

  16. Caley says:

    Hi, I’m having no end of problems with my Meridian alarm. The remote simply doesn’t work. Takes 20 minutes of standing at beside my car clicking the damned button before it will unlock. I can lock and unlock the car using the key, but can’t disable the immobiliser to drive it.

    Is it possible the remote is out of sync with the receiver inside the car? If so, how can I reset it?

    Can you please tell me how to disable the immobiliser, or tell me where I can go in the Wellington region to get this resolved?


  17. Julian says:

    Hi Caley

    I’d be happy to take a look at it for you. Plus I’m mobile so you won’t need to go through the drama of disarming the immobiliser.

    If you’re after a new system then I can remove the Meridian for no charge. If not then It’ll be on time taken. I have yet to come across a Meridian that takes long to get past!

    Feel welcome to email or text me.

  18. Tionne says:

    Hi there

    I am stranded outside my job because my meridian remote is not working on my car can you please help me i think i want the immobilser taken out

  19. Julian says:

    Hi Tionne,

    Sorry to hear that your Meridian has died. Have you tried replacing the remote battery?

    Do you know your over-ride pin number? If you don’t then it will be on the relay inside the “None” security case which is childsplay to open!!!

    Going on all the other Meridian installs I’ve seen the box will probably be hanging above the pedals under the dash!

    If you’re not confident in taking it on yourself then give Kishor at Autowatch a call (He’s in Auckland and mobile) 021KISHOR (021547467)

    Hope this helps,

  20. Hayden says:

    Hey Julian

    I have a 2001 legacy B4, the battery went flat so I removed it and charged it , put it back in the car and now my remote wont work, I have replaced the remotes battery still the alarm doesnt respond. I think it is a meridian alarm the remote has this printed on it
    LINTEK issue 4

    Is this a common fault ?
    also how do you enter the over ride pin once it has been located on the alarm unit itself?

  21. Julian says:

    Hi Hayden,

    The easiest way to identify the alarm would be to email me a photo of it.

    Here’s a You Tube video that shows how to enter your PIN # (It’s for Dynatron but most alarms work the same way)

  22. pete says:

    hi, have had same prob as caley- best sugestion from auto elect was-remove unit-done!!

  23. james says:

    i replace my meridian 2600s car remote because my old one was broken. now the new one doesn’t work. help me here please.

  24. Julian says:

    Hi James,

    Here’s a tip. Replace it with a decent alarm system that offers some reliability and protection.

    Failing that, give the Importers of Meridian a call:
    0800 731 173

  25. Jayson says:

    I have a Meridian 2600SB installed in my car and also having problems with it not arming/disarming on demand so I email the owner of the company (TF Group) and even though the warranty on my alarm finished back in December 2010 he’s willing to send me a replacement Alarm at no cost.
    I agree TF Group aren’t easy to get hold of but the do have an office in William Pickering drive in Albany Auckland, the people I have dealt with in that place are worse than useless.
    I was sending emails to them left, right and center and got no reply then I sent one to their other company and low and behold the owner of the company is emailing me and offering to send me a replacement alarm. So I’ll see how this one goes when I receive it, Oh he did tell my it’s easy to remove the old and and install the new one, he said it’s basicly plug n play.

  26. Julian says:

    Hi Jayson,

    Good to know that you’ve managed to get a free replacement, plus thanks for finding the time to comment, hopefully it’ll help others in the same boat.

    You still have to ask what security it offers seeing how easy it is to simply unplug!

  27. Jayson says:

    Hi Julian,

    Yeah it is easy to uninstall but then I’ve had other Alarms in my other car’s which were easier to remove, in my Subaru it’s jammed up behind the panels which isn’t too bad, but for those interested the guy who owns the company TF Group Ltd (Meridian Alarms) his email address is
    Maybe email him about your alarm not working it seems when I was sending mail to another email address from their website Jake told me they don’t own that email address and which is why I wouldn’t have got a reply from it.
    You might need your 4 digit pin number and the installer card if you want to try having the alarm replaced.
    I also threatened to take it to FairGo if they decide not to do anything about it lol.

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  29. john mcnair says:

    hi , I have supposedly a meridian digital upgrade fitted to my brother in laws 2007 holden epica. As far as I can tell the only feature that works is the flashing led . Is there an easy way to actually confirm there is an alarm upgrade actually installed ? as I am a mechanic there is no issue with removing panels etc. my first step is going to be removing lower panel and seeing where the led wires go. as he was charged $700 and the waqrranty booklet has not even been filled out I would like to see what has actually been done. thanks for any info, will be most appreciated

  30. Julian says:

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure what information I can give you other then what has already been posted here. You can check out the car alarm grave yard which has heaps of photos of Merdian alarms I have removed, there are more on the link to the facebook page.

    $700.00 for one of those! Ouch someone got ripped off!

  31. Douglas Cook says:

    I have a Mazda Axela 2004 with a Meridian TX-02 Lintex issue 4. The remote has given me trouble all the time I’ve owned the car. Now it won’t work at all. I am unable to find the alarm to get the pin number so I can disable it with the key. At present I’m in Te Kuiti so finding someone to help is a problem. Hope you can help.

  32. Julian says:

    Hi Douglas,

    Not quite sure what you expect? There is not much I can do without having access to the car.

    Why did you not get a spare remote, or have the alarm removed before it failed?

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