Mazda MPV Alarm

The 2nd generation Mazda MPV comes with keyless entry and a factory immobiliser but lacks an alarm

For those wishing to add an alarm the Cobra AK4615 is highly recommended. It works with the factory smart key and is the only CAN-BUS alarm that I would recommend for this generation MPV.

Most other alarms I have tested on the MPV can be tricked into disarming without the remote and are simply not very effective.

Generation 2 Mazda MPV (LY) 2006-2016

Mazda MPV alarm

Mazda MPV

The MPV CAN-BUS system is similar to most Nissan models in that a manual lock/unlock with the hazard lights active produces the same signal as a remote lock/unlock. The AK4615 is not vulnerable to this trick.

The AK4615 works with the factory Mazda proximity remote

Here are some shots of how the Cobra AK4615 looks in the car:

The Cobra AK4615 also works with the original Gen 1 Mazda MPV (2000-2006) in PLIP mode.

Expect horn honk as standard.


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  1. Avatar Carl Rex says:

    Thanks again Julian – awesome service and great value, much appreciated!


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