LDV V80 Courier Alarm

Last week I finally got to fit a courier alarm into an LDV V80. These vans are starting become a common sight in NZ and I dare say it’ll be the first of many installs I do on this van.

What’s the best Courier Alarm?

I decided that the Vodafone Automotive/Cobra AK4698 would be the best option. After having a good play with the settings I now have a nice solution sussed out that works flawlessly with the V80.

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LDV Courier Alarm

It’s basically the same set up as what I use in the Toyota Hiace. The alarm arms whilst the key is left in the ignition and the ultrasonic sensors¬†are programmed to turn off whilst the engine is running. This way there will be no false alarms if the heater fan is left on full blast or a window is left open. If the owner wishes to have the sensors active when the engine is running they can simply disconnect one of the service plugs which I’ll explain at the end of the post.

How it works:

The alarm is the same as a Cobra AK4698, apart from the fact that it’s wired up so it will arm whilst the engine is running. The Alarm will chirp 3 times when it is armed. If the alarm is set of the Horn honks along with the Cobra siren. If the engine is turned off it cannot be re-started. Arming/disarming of the alarm is silent when the ignition is turned off.

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

Cobra LED over-ride switch allows for easy disarm if the remote is lost

Service Plugs

Alarm Service Plugs

Service plugs which make coding replacement remote controls easy in the future

There are a couple of service plugs for the alarm fitted below the glove box. This allows for easy programming of new remote controls when the time comes. Unplugging the plug with the pink wire activates the ultrasonic sensors with whilst the ignition is on, whereas having it plugged in disables them. The plug with the green wire must not be disconnected.

This post Covers the LDV V80 for an upgrade alarm…



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