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The LDV V80 van is becoming quite a common sight on the NZ roads which is quite remarkable give that they have only been on sale here since 2014.

It comes with an engine immobiliser and keyless entry as standard so decent  OEM Upgrade Alarm would be the obvious way to go if you wish to protect the van and its contents.

Having said that the model I worked on only came with one factory remote key which left me unimpressed. It does come with a second key, but it has no remote buttons built in. The good news is that the Cobra AK4615 can work with both the factory remote and a Cobra remote, or you could hit LDV up for a second remote key.

LDV V80 Maxus Van 2011 >

If they start coming with two remote keys as standard then please let me know and I’ll update this space.

Cobra AK4615 in PLIP Mode or AK4698 with two Cobra Remote Controls

Both the Cobra AK4615 and AK4698 are good options for the V80. Horn honk along with the Cobra siren make the alarm nice and loud as it should be and ultrasonic sensors cover the internal space.

Only comes with one factory remote key!

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

Ultrasonic Sensors protect the inside of the LDV

Ultrasonic Sensors protect the inside of the LDV

Cobra Remote

Fully Electric Van Coming soon…

LDV have a full Electric Version of the van coming soon. I’ll attempt to get my hands on one once they get released here.



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