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The current shape Kia Sportage was released as a 2016 model and comes with a very high level of equipment.

It shares the same hands free proximity boot opening set up as the Hyundai Tucson where the the boot opens when the remote comes into range.

Despite havingĀ  a factory transponder immobiliser, push to start button and proximity remote locking it does not have an alarm as standard.

2016 Kia Sportage (QL)

The good news is that the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm works perfectly with the factory proximity remote set up.

The Cobra uses the factory bonnet switch and integrates with the Kia CAN-BUS system flawlessly.

Here are some photos of the installation (Not much to see other then the LED Control Panel and Ultrasonic Sensors).

Ultrasonic Internal Protection

Ultrasonic Sensors Look funky in Grey matching the door cards. Black is also an option.

Cobra LED Control Panel allows you to disable the Ultrasonic Sensors

Sportage (SL) 2010-2015

Previous Model Sportage 2010-2015

The Cobra AK4615 also works with the previous generation Kia Sportage.

A full list of compatible vehicles can be found here…


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