KEYLESS BLOCK from Author is designed to protect vehicles with keyless-start from Relay Amplification Attacks.

Before explaining how KEYLESS BLOCK works I’ll explain how SmartKeys work and how they are vulnerable to a Relay Amplification Attack:

How a SmartKey works

Many modern vehicles have a SmartKey which allows you to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without touching the key so long as it is in proximity.

When the car door handle is touched the car sends a challenge to the SmartKey. The SmartKey (if in range) will respond by transmitting a rolling code unlock signal, just like pressing the unlock button on a traditional car remote. This is known as a “Challenge and Response” and will only unlock the car if the SmartKey is programmed to the vehicle and is in range. The range is typically no more than 1 meter from the car door.

Relay Amplification Attack

A Relay Amplification Attack tricks the vehicle into thinking the key is in proximity. It involves two people.

One stands by the vehicle and touches the door handle, they use a gadget to extend the challenge signal to the second person, also with a gadget which will receive the challenge.

Person number 2 needs to be close to the SmartKey so will stand by a window or front door of your home to get in range, or maybe stand by you if you have it on your person. Once the SmartKey responds the unlock signal is then extended back to the first persons’ gadget which unlocks the car. The car can then be started using the same method once the start button is pressed!


KEYLESS BLOCK arms when the vehicle is locked, either with the remote button or using the keyless system.

It shuts down the keyless function of the vehicle locking system to prevent a Relay Amplification attack.

KEYLESS BLOCK can disarm in a number of ways. Pressing the unlock button on the SmartKey will disarm the system and the vehicle can be used as normal.

Then there is the option to program the system to disarm from an external device, such as a remote start or GPS tracker.

Disarm KEYLESS BLOCK via Bluetooth


The system also comes with two Bluetooth Fobs which will restore keyless access when in range.

It can also be paired with a Smartphone to work with the Author ID App via Bluetooth.

The range of the Bluetooth Fobs and the phone can be adjusted with using the AUTHOR CONFIG App.

When a paired Bluetooth device is in range of the vehicle the full keyless functions are restored.

Service Mode


The CONFIG App also allows you to put the KEYLESS BLOCK into service mode.

Service mode turns the system off so that you can have the vehicle serviced without the dealership knowing you have it installed.

The KEYLESS BLOCK can also be put into service mode without the App.

This is done by turning the ignition on (without starting the car), then pressing the accelerator pedal 5 times.

To take the KEYLESS BLOCK out of service mode the same procedure is done but the accelerator pedal is press 4 times.


A list of vehicles that KEYLESS BLOCK works with can be found on the IGLA NZ website.

More vehicles will be added in time and I’ve been involved with the process of developing the firmware for some vehicles.

I’ve already mapped my Nissan e-NV200 van to work with KEYLESS BLOCK by sniffing the CAN-BUS data, then sending it to the technicians in Russia who have written the firmware for it. (I’ll explain more about that in the future)


  • Protects your Keyless car from Relay Amplification Attacks
  • Service Mode
  • Smartphone App
  • 2 Bluetooth Fobs

For more details check out the website.

Compatible vehicle list can be found here…

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