Isuzu D-Max RG Security

The all-new 2020 Isuzu D-Max (RG) is the latest Ute that I’ve put some security options together for.

Like the previous (RT) model D-Max it has keyless entry or smart-key push to start for the top specification model. It also comes with an immobiliser. But it does lack an alarm which I can add to work with the factory remote.

I can also add remote locking to the tailgate which is not a factory option. This costs about $250.00 or $400.00 if installed with a Double Tap module which unlocks the tailgate with a 2nd press of the remote unlock button.

2020 Isuzu D-Max Alarm

The Cobra AK4615 fits perfectly in the D-Max working with the factory remote locking. Ultrasonic movement sensors come as standard along with door and bonnet protection. As usual, the siren is loud and horn honk does not cost any extra to hook up.

Optional Load Area Protection

A PIR sensor is an optional extra if you have a canopy that needs protection. Or there is the option of using a Microwave Sensor if you have a hard lid to protect valuables in the load area.

Here are some shots of how the Cobra Alarm looks in the D-Max

Whilst I’ve not yet got my hands on the new Mazda BT50, I’m confident that these options should work in it too. It is made by Isuzu in the same factory after all.

Details about the previous model D-Max can be found here…

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