Is Your Car Alarm E-Waste?

How many of you consider how long a car security system will last when you purchase one?

Do you want a product that will give you years of trouble-free security? Or do you simply want the cheapest one you can get?

The number of car alarms I remove due to failures is shocking. Installing a cheap and nasty security system is not only a false economy but it’s also creating unnecessary e-waste.

Junk Car Security Items?

Let us start by looking at the little details such as bonnet switches. How many alarm retailers bother to provide one that will not rust? They know it will fail yet I get the impression that most just don’t care!

Now I know it’s only a bonnet switch. But it says heaps about a companies quality control and what ethics they have when it comes to selling crap! To me, it suggests that taking your cash is more important than actually securing your vehicle!

Battery Back-up Sirens

If you’ve purchased an alarm with a battery back-up siren then you probably want it to work right? Yet most of the sirens I’ve tested either fail after a couple of years or do not work in the first place!

So your siren fails… Then what? Do you replace the siren or junk the whole alarm? If so what happens to the batteries?

Crap Remote Controls or Designed Obsolescence?

Another broken AVS alarm remote!

Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think that the crap remote controls that many alarms come with are designed to fail. This means you’ll have to purchase a replacement which will make more money for the car alarm manufacturer.

Having said that, if you’ve gone mega cheap and purchased a super crap no brand alarm from Trade Me you probably won’t even be able to get a replacement! Then what? Well, it’s probably destined for the landfill!

E-Waste Security on Trade Me – Jesus! How crap is that install going to be?

Does any of this waste get recycled?

I’m curious to know if any of the alarm brands here in NZ will take back their failed systems? Do any of them offer to recycle parts? Can you trust them to recycle batteries and such like?

car alarm e-waste

Another Mongoose Alarm Siren in the bin ­čÖü

Please Be Responsible

It’s not just e-waste that we create when we sell or purchase junk car security systems. There is also noise pollution from false alarms and the annoyance of having a car that won’t start!

Personally, I believe that a good security system should be able to last as long as the vehicle it is being installed into. This is why I only sell quality systems.


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