Internal Screamers

What is the point in having internal sirens added to an alarm?

The short answer is to deafen anyone who enters the vehicle without permission. A horrid high pitched wail can be quite nauseating and will make an intruder very uncomfortable and encourage them to give up on their act of thieving. Therefore internal sirens can be a great way to protect your valuables. Obviously it would be a better practice not to leave valuable items in the car but sometimes this is simply not practical.


Internal Siren (Screamer!)

Internal Siren (Screamer!)

Internal screamers will help protect items installed into a vehicle such as an audio system or even the vehicle itself. Even the most experienced of car thieves would think twice about attacking the cars alarm system or to attempt an Immobiliser by-pass with his ears being attacked!

Installation considerations

Given that internal sirens are designed to be annoying it is best that they are only set off when they are needed, It would become a major irritation to have them chirp every time you disarmed your immobiliser. worst still if they were installed to a system which sets the sirens off if you attempt to start the car whilst it is immobilised such as the Mongoose M60!!!

The other thing to consider is that screamers are best left as a surprise factor so it may not be wise to advertise them when you arm/disarm your car. Doing so will encourage an observant scumbag to head of down his local hardware shop to purchase (or shoplift) a pair of earmuffs!

Protection needn’t be an irritation

There are various ways to stop internal sirens from being a nuisance. I like to use a Siren driver with a delay circuit which will work with most alarms that do not use a digital battery back-up/data siren. It can run multiple internal sirens, four of the little bastards tucked up under the dash and a couple in the boot (trunk for US readers) are certainly going to be more effective than having just the one.

The other consideration is which internal sirens to use, I have played with numerous sirens to see which are the loudest, (my neighbours must love me!) they certainly vary. The ones I now use I swear by as they are Darn well offensive. Whilst I’d love to reveal more I’m not going to post where I source them from to prevent my competition from playing monkey see, monkey do. (Sorry guys you’ll have to do your own homework this time!)

King of Internal Screamers!

Cobra Battery back-up Siren

Cobra Battery back-up Siren


This title probably has to be given to Cobra for their 4310 digital battery back-up siren, it’s the same siren found with their new generation of alarms and can be added to the bus system found on models like the AK4198. Because it’s digital it can be secured in a hard to reach location and can not be defeated by disconnecting the battery. Being locked inside a confined area with one going off would be a great form of torture, I’m sure the Bush administration would have used it in their terror regime if they were aware of it!!!

Typical Pricing with installation: (if installed at the same time as the alarm)

Obsessive Siren Driver with 4 internal screamers $140.00
Cobra 4310 Siren $150.00

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