Installers: Who do you recommend?

Good car alarm Installers

Good vehicle security installers are a rare breed and hard to find. I’m always getting asked if I can recommend someone outside of Wellington. Why? Don’t be lazy, Wellington is slap bang in the centre of NZ and a great place to visit 🙂

This ploy works sometimes as I’ve had customers coming from as far away as Christchurch and Hamilton, although no Jafa’s that I’m aware of yet!

On a more serious note, I do understand that not everyone can find the time to travel down here or afford the fuel costs in travelling this far.

Who I recommend:

I’m going to start the ball rolling by stating who I recommend and why.

Note: I am recommending individual installers (not companies where installers can come and go) that I have worked with and have first-hand knowledge on how capable they are. If you intend to use them then I’d suggest by-passing the sales team. Speak directly to the installer and explain that you want a stealth install 🙂

Bret @ Trends in Hamilton

trends car audio

I worked for Bret at Mobile Alarm Specialist (sadly no longer in existence) when I first arrived in NZ and learnt heaps from him. Very knowledgeable and a good bloke too.

Trends are now selling Cobra alarms too. Hopefully the Website will look better soon (It is currently being updated).

Kishor @ Autowatch NZ in Auckland

Obsessive alarms auckland

Kishor is the owner and Importer for Autowatch NZ. I worked with him when I lived in Auckland back in 2005 and have regular contact with him. Again a good bloke who is very capable and has a good alarm brand on board which can make a big difference to how effective an installation can be.

Feel welcome to add your own recommendations in the comment section.

Note: Remember that part of being a good installer is suggesting a decent alarm/immobiliser, so If you’re going to plug an installer that takes part in Siren Muppetry and other poor habits then I may well question your credibility!

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5 Responses to Installers: Who do you recommend?

  1. Avatar mike trophy says:

    the reason why you don’t get jaffas asking is A) They are usually the ones stealing the cars and B) They wouldn’t know a good alarm install from a bad ones. Most are home jobbies aka, chuck a pitbull in the front seat, WOOF WOOF, there’s my car alarm.

    But i do get what you saying=)

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    I need to create a like button for comments like these 🙂

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  4. Avatar Ricky says:

    Mike Trophy needs to pull his head in, unfortunately everywhere in this small little country has bad installers! The hard part is to find a decent alarm installer. To say “Jaffas” just shows how ignorant he really is!!!

  5. Julian Julian says:

    So I take it you can’t recommend a good installer in Auckland then Ricky?

    If you do know of one and have something positive to say about them, then please share it with us all.

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