Immobiliser Removal

Over 90% of after market Immobilisers that I come across take less than 5 minutes to remove. I’d love to say that this was due to how skilled I am in the dark art of car electronics but the truth is that it is down to sloppy installation.

Easy Bypass

Normally all I have to do is remove the trim below the drivers side dash and hey-presto, the alarm module is placed behind waiting to be bypassed! Some are held by a cable tie and others simply fall onto the floor as shown in the photo below! Then it is simple task to open the case and bridge the immobiliser points. Car started…

Why are most Immobilisers not effective?
Easy to remove!

The main reason is the installer, the system is only as good as the installation and it takes more time, knowledge and skill to install an immobiliser effectively. If the module can be located in an area where it is difficult to locate and access then it will take longer to bypass. A smaller Immobiliser gives the installer more options as to where he can place the module so it is a good idea to chose one that is not to large and better still one that is not easy to open up!

A large percentage of immobilisers are installed at car yards where the main motive to have one installed is profit for the salesman rather than to actually secure the vehicle. Where the purchase is driven by price most people will choose the cheapest immobiliser and installer, obviously this is likely to result in a quick installation, hence why I find most systems so quick and easy to remove!

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If you want to contact me then do so via the contact form.

Understand that I do not offer free technical support and will not hand out information on how to by-pass security systems as I’m not here to aid in car theft! I also need proof of vehicle ownership before I carry remove a security system.

Note: I only cover Wellington so if you need to use my services then bear this in mind.

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33 Responses to Immobiliser Removal

  1. Paewai says:

    Hi mate I’ve got a avs alarm imobiliser my remotes both stuff out I have cut the wires that were wired to the ignition and wired the ignition back to were it was bfor alarm got put in its starting but no one home like it not fireing up I take it I have to do something else todo with imobiliser can you help me out please as I love our country and nearest town 60km away

  2. Julian Julian says:

    The moral of the story is that it’s a good idea to know how your alarm works before it’s to late! Sounds like you still have a immobiliser cut you have not found, a well installed immobiliser should not be easy to by-pass otherwise what is the point in having one?

  3. Cynthia says:

    Hi I recently purchased a second hand vehicle through a private sale its got an aftermarket immobiliser in it but now the remote is buggered I’ve tried a new battery the light on the remote goes but it is still not enough to trigger it off, the lights on dash light up but doesn’t start the vehicle up so now I’m getting a bit pissed off and just want to get the whole dam.thing off!!! Its a 2002 Nissan Pressage, auto,2.4 can u shed any light on the situation

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    There is not much I can do without seeing the car.
    If you are in the Wellington region feel welcome to give me a call to arrange a time to look at it.


  5. Waiari says:

    Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota bb on finance and if I miss a payment for whatever reason the finance company disables my vehicle and I am unable to start it until payment is made. May I please ask how I may go about this issue or in other words (how to start my car even though it has been disabled by finance company?)

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Waiari,

    What you are asking me to to is to aid and abet with theft of a vehicle!!!

    If the car is on finance then the finance company legally own the vehicle until it is fully paid for. Therefor they have every right to activate the immobiliser if you have defaulted on payment.

    I hate thieving bastards and am not about to help you become one!

  7. John says:

    Hi, I bought a 1996 honda accord LXI, and I was wanting to get an immobiliser in my car. The boot of my car can be fully locked, requiring the key to actually get in, as the back seats will not fold without the key, nor will the boot open without a key. I was wondering if an immobiliser could be installed so that it can sit in a place in the boot, so it will not be bypassed so easily.

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi John,

    (delayed response due to being on holiday)
    Most immobilisers are small enough to hide with other electronic components in the vehicle and I always install them in such a way that they are not easy to by-pass.
    If you are keen to get one then fill in the contact form so I can go into details without making your details public.


  9. Leesh says:

    Hi have bought Honda rafaga 94 second hand was running good for a week then immobiliser started cutting the engine n now it won’t start all lights turn on etc it didn’t come with any remotes n we were not told bout the alarm or immobiliser how can we get the car going again

  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Leesh,

    You’ll need to book the car in for me to look at. There is not much I can do without knowing what make of immobiliser you have or being able to see the car.
    Use to Contact form rather then make your details public

  11. Leesh says:

    Hi the make of alarm is steelmate i couldnt get into the contact page but if u hve a number to call or email i would really appreciate it

  12. Jo Jo says:

    Hi i have a 1992 mitsubishi lancer that has a avs a4 alarm in it , ive lost the alarm. any idea how to disable it so i can start it please. 0212679631 is my number if u could throw a text .

  13. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jo Jo,

    If you are based in Wellington then you can contact me during business hours and book your car in. If not then contact AVS for support. I don’t hand out this information without verifying that you are the legal owner of the vehicle, I also have a business to run and my time needs to be paid for.


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