Ignition Leads


Whilst this post is going somewhat off topic from the vehicle security side of things I still feel it maybe of interest.

One of the challenges of owning a rare car like the Beat can be getting parts. With the original Ignition leads being 20 years old it really was time to replace them, but after going to all the effort to of getting the rocker cover painted bright Yellow and having everything on display I wanted to get some Yellow leads to match. All that I could find were genuine Honda replacements in black or NGK leads in blue which simply would not look right.

After finding nothing I liked from Japan I stumbled upon the Top Gun Website and spotted the Yellow cable 😀

I flicked them an email and they got back to saying that they had no Honda Beat details (hardly surprising!) but could potentially make me a custom set. After a number of emails working out the details the new leads arrived yesterday and are mint.

I’d like to thank Heidi at Top Gun for all her help and really going the extra mile to make sure everything was spot on. I really appreciate good customer service and would not hesitate to give 10/10 on this occasion. Highly recommended and I’m sure you’ll agree they look fantastic.


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