Honda Civic Type R Upgrade Alarm

Honda Civic Alarm Installation

Two weeks I got my hands on a very tidy 2010 Honda Civic Type R FD2

(The FD2 is the Asia Pacific sedan version of the Civic).

There are not many in NZ and it was the first one I have worked on. It was booked in for a Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm, I was hoping that it would be the same as the European FN2 Hatchback model electrically to make for an easier installation. Sadly it was not so and I had to learn the car and wire it up the old fashioned way!

Not that it’s really a problem, it just takes more time and becomes one of those jobs that not many people can do well these days.

Finding out how the car works and locating all the required wires needs much more skill and knowledge than simply following an instruction manual for a 6 wire CAN-BUS alarm installation!

Honda Civic Type R FD2 2006-2011 Cobra AK4615 works in PLIP mode

Below: Photo of the Euro hatch version of the Type R which is the model covered by the Cobra AK4615 in CAN-BUS configuration.

Cobra AK4615 works as a CAN-BUS alarm with the FN2 Type R Euro Spec

Here are some shots of the car after the installation

Cobra LED Control Panel next to the push to start button

Honda Civic Alarm Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors fitted in the Civic

The car only came with one Honda remote so I supplied a Cobra Remote to go with the plain transponder key. This is far more cost effective than purchasing a second Honda remote key.

Honda Civic Alarm in a Type R

AK4615 works with both the Factory Honda Remote as well as the Cobra Padlock Remote

The Cobra AK4615 also works with the standard version of the Honda Civic

Gen 8 Honda Civic

Gen 9 Honda Civic

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