Holden Colorado Alarm Upgrade

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Holden Blog Posts

The current generation Holden Colorado (released in 2012) comes with a factory alarm system and is becoming quite a popular option for tradies.

The factory alarm which works with the Holden flip key covers the doors and the bonnet but has no internal movement sensor. The alarm uses the vehicles horn rather than a siren.

If the Holden remote key has a flat battery the alarm can be disarmed by placing the key in the ignition where it will recognise the transponder chip in the key.

Holden Colorado Alarm

Holden Colorado

Canopy Protection

The factory alarm lacks the option to protect your tools if you store them in the back.

I can add a PIR sensor to work with the factory alarm for $200.00, I can also add a reed switch to the alarm if you have a hard lid.

PIR Sensor installed in a 2012 Holden Colorado

PIR Sensor installed in a 2012 Holden Colorado

Upgrading the Alarm

If you wish to upgrade the factory alarm to give internal cabin protection and siren then I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615.

Below are some photos of how the Cobra looks in the Colorado:

Vodafone Automotive alarm in Holden Colorado

Cobra LED Over-ride switch in the Holden Colorado

Holden Colorado Alarm ultrasonic movement sensors

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors in the Holden Colorado

Colorado alarm works with the factory key

Alarm works with the factory remote

Remote Engine Start Alarm

If you want to get really flash then consider a Viper Remote Start Alarm. It works really well in the Colorado.



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