Parallel Import Cobra Alarms

One thing I have always loved about Cobra NZ is that they have always been selective who they sell their products to.

Unlike most other vehicle security brands it has always been about quality as opposed to volume.

Being a security product you probably want to know that you have a competent trustworthy installer, great product reliability and strong after-sales support.

This is part of the reason I believe they have such a great reputation in New Zealand.

I work with Cobra NZ on a regular basis. The technical support I get is second to none. I’ve even had some training in the production plant based in Varese, Italy.

Parallel Import Cobra Alarms? Good or Bad?

Parallel Import Cobra Alarms

It has recently come to my attention that a Company in Lower Hutt has been Parallel importing Cobra Alarms. Whilst there is nothing legally wrong with doing this, I still have some moral objections to the practice.


I think that it should be made clear if you are selling Parallel Imports rather than simply not mentioning that you are not an approved dealer! It’s about being honest and transparent. Personally, I believe this is vital if you are dealing with security products!

Speaking of being honest the company in question has had some shocking Facebook reviews in the past. I recall one relating to a scratched dash trim where they failed to respond to the customer. I checked their page out before writing this and noted that reviews are no longer visible!

Am I to assume that any company who does not allow reviews to been seen on Facebook has had poor feedback? I’m guessing Facebook allows this because they still want the advertising money! Anyway getting back to the subject…

Why Use an official Cobra Dealer?

First off using an official Cobra dealer helps protects you against poor workmanship. It’s vital that the installer knows the product, has full technical support and access to firmware updates and installation documents.

I’m always ranting about how bad most alarm installations are along with how many dodgy installers are out there! I’ve spent years building a good reputation for both myself and Cobra NZ. I’m not happy when I see Cobra alarms poorly installed.

After Sales Support

As a Cobra dealer, I am required to register every alarm that gets installed. This way there is a record of it should there be a warranty claim, or if replacement parts are needed.

For example, let’s assume the vehicle has changed ownership and both remote controls are lost. It’s vital that there is a record of the alarms over-ride pin number. Without this, the alarm will need to be removed and will probably end up in the landfill!

I could continue but you’ve probably got the point by now. On the bright side, the alarms do appear to be genuine, which is more then what I can say about what is happening in Australia!

You can find the full list of Approved Cobra Alarm dealers here…

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