Ford Ranger upgrade alarm (Includes Mazda BT-50)

Ford Ranger Alarm Options

With the Ford Ranger outselling the Toyota Hilux it’s about time I covered what alarm options there are for it.

Interestingly the 2015 Facelift model actually comes with a factory installed “Volumetric Alarm System”. In other words an alarm with ultrasonic internal movement sensors, however, you may want to consider adding a PIR sensor to it if you have a canopy with valuables kept in it and a Double Tap Module.

Tail Gate Lock

The Ranger does not come with a remote locking tailgate so which is not ideal if you keep tools in the tray. Manually locking/unlocking the back is rather primitive and it’s easy to forget to lock it.

I can add an electronic tailgate lock that works with the factory remote for $250.00. Again this works well with the Double Tap Module

Double Tap Module

The Double Tap Module prevents the Ranger from re-arming the alarm if you press the unlock button twice. This way the alarm will not re-arm and re-lock if you don’t open a door. Without it, you need to open a door before accessing your canopy with can be a pain.

2011-2015 Ford Ranger Alarm

The pre-facelift model Ranger (2011 – 2015) does not have an alarm so I’m going to cover it here:

Ford Ranger Alarm

Ford Ranger Alarm Installation

It comes with Immobiliser and keyless entry as standard so the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm is my recommendation if you want the best possible protection and that factory look and feel.

With the Cobra it’s easy to hide the siren and add horn honk on the Ranger so there is no vulnerable clutter in the engine bay and the alarm is much louder then any of the alternatives out there.

All the components look good too. Here are some photos of what the alarm looks like installed:

Cobra Ultrasonic sensors look good in the Ford Ranger

Cobra Ultrasonic sensors look good in the Ford Ranger and protect the cabin.

Cobra LED control panel looks tidy.

Cobra LED control panel looks tidy.

PIR sensor installed to cover theĀ load area.

PIR Sensor covers the Canopy in the Ranger and can be added to post 2015 models

PIR Sensor covers the Canopy in the Ranger and can be added to post 2015 models

2015 Facelift Ranger

2015 Facelift Ranger – Already has an alarm

Mazda BT-50

Mazda BT-50 – Same alarm options apply

Mazda BT-50

The BT-50 shares the same platform as the Ford Ranger so the AK4615 also works with it.


Main Features:

Optional Extras:

Previous Generation Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 (2006-2011)

2006-2011 BT-50

2006-2011 BT-50

The previous generation Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger had an transponder immobiliser but the remote was not built into the key so I recommend a remote upgrade alarm such as the Cobra AK4198.

An OEM upgrade alarm is also possible if you still have the original remote but you get far more control with an alarm with its own remote and not be tied into the dealership for a replacement.


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4 Responses to Ford Ranger upgrade alarm (Includes Mazda BT-50)

  1. Avatar Dane says:

    Hi, could you please give me a price to install an alarm for my mazda bt50 2012?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Dane,

    Please use the contact for for a quote as there are some details I will need from you.


  3. Avatar Peter says:

    Hi there, I have a box on the back of my 2019 ranger with 4 compartments. I would like to wire these compartments onto the door alarms so I am notified if a door is left open or if someone breaks in the alarm goes off.
    Is there an easy place to tap into the alarm circuit?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Peter,

    It is possible, but it depends on what you consider easy. If you are competent enough with vehicle wiring you should be able to figure it out for yourself, if not take it to a professional. I don’t give out free D.I.Y. instructions as I need to get paid for my time.

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