Fast Food Car Alarm Muppetry!

Here’s a recent post from the TVNZ Website which features a clip that appeared on Fair Go at the start of the year.

Note: If you have a weak bladder I suggest going to the wash room before you click on this Video link to avoid having an accident! It really is horrifically funny (although I’m sure that Vicky, the cars owner wasn’t laughing).

Alarming acts of stupidity

This quite simply has to be the biggest act of Vehicle Security Muppetry I have ever seen, I was trying not to cry with laughter at the prospect of two microwave sensors being added to the alarm system to stop it from going off!

“We were following the full manufactures guide lines”

Come on, like I’m going to believe the Clown in the white shirt who has clearly never  opened a car bonnet in his life. Judging from his comments I’d be surprised if he had seen the fitting manual let alone read it!

I have an installation manual for a Uniden VS2600 and I certainly don’t recall reading the section that says “In the event of the car alarm being over sensitive add a couple of microwave sensors” Were these clowns high on drugs because I can think of no other reason for such a act of insanity!

Would you like fries with your alarm Madam?

Crap at Vehicle Security

Crap at Vehicle Security

Also Crap at Vehicle Security

Also Crap at Vehicle Security

Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked into thinking I’m dealing with a fast food outlet!

Now I know it is easy to take the piss but I really can’t help myself on this one. The Soundway logo is an act of plagiarism comedy, what next? Burglar Alarm King!

I know that there are plenty of Cowboy installers (You only need to look on Trade Me to grasp this) but these clowns have to taken incompetence to dizzy new heights.
The Video states that the Vicki paid $1,000.00 for a Uniden 5 star alarm which is generally considered to be a budget product and is often found being sold with installation on trade me for under $300.00. Not that I’d  recommend getting a car alarm via trade me but you’d probably get a better job done by doing so and for 1/3 of the price!

Clown Watch

Soundway have since gone out of business, hopefully the staff there have got out of the Vehicle Security business and found more suitable employment, such as working in a fast food outlet. If anyone reading this has spotted the clowns working in a local McDonalds or KFC then let me know and I’ll make a point to avoid eating there next time I visit the South Island!

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