Even the Car Thieves Agree…

Here’s a story from the New Zealand Herald, that proves that most alarms are not effective unless they are installed to a high standard. Even the best alarms offer little protection unless the installer is competent.

Sadly most installers are not competent, most of the so called professional installations I come across are poor, even those that meet NZSA requirements often offer very little resistance to get past.

Why the poor standards?

In my opinion there is a major lack of education and training where most installers are concerned. The current NZSA standards are at least 15 years out of date and whilst they have stood still the thieves have not!

For regular readers I apologize if I start to sound like a stuck record, but I must stress just how important the installation side of a alarm/Immobiliser system is. If you’re going to skimp on the installation then don’t be surprised if your car has vanished one morning!

The other consideration is which alarm or immobiliser to pick, as many systems put limitations on what the installer can actually do.

My advice is that if you’re going to get an Immobiliser then a Thatcham CAT 2 system is going to offer you better protection than a NZSA 3 Star. Most top end 5 Star alarms are easy to get past and often a waste of money. Consider looking at alarm systems that meets Thatcham CAT 1 standards or even a GPS tracker or pager. But most of all find a good installer! Here’s your Guide for more details on how to make your car security effective.

Don’t just take my word for it!

I’ll leave you with a quote from the final part of the NZ Herald story:

The Professional argues that even advanced security systems will not stop a determined thief like him.

“It’s all about the internet these days. I’ve spent thousands of dollars importing tools from overseas, learning how to use them. Mastering my craft you might say. You can buy tools on the internet that you can plug into the car and mimic the transponder. Or you just take the keys.”

But he does have a word of apparently genuine advice for car owners who spend hundreds of dollars or more on a new alarm system.

“People might have the money for a nice car and a good alarm. But they don’t realise that it’s how the alarm is installed, not the alarm itself, that is crucial. To disable any alarm, you need to find the ‘brain’. The better the ‘brain’ is hidden and contained, the longer it will take for someone to steal. Saying that, I’m still going to be able to get it, but it will take me longer.

“It may not be worth my while.”


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  1. Avatar Car Key says:

    Same case happened in USA as well. These days most of the car owners are not satisfied with alarms security device. Even other car security devices are also available such as audible security system and Ignition system immobilizer.

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