Email To Greg Watts of the NZSA

Following on from the “What qualifications do NZSA installers have?” post, I feel that the right thing to do is to make contact with Greg Watts, Executive Officer of the NZSA and ask if he feels the current standards are acceptable.

As a paying member of the NZSA I feel that the organisation should be accountable, hence my reasons for such a public approach. Let’s face it, if there is nothing to hide then I’m sure that Mr Watts will be happy to post a reply here.

Dear Greg, and anyone else who this may concern at the NZSA
I am deeply concerned at the existing standards for vehicle security installers. Please have a read of my blog post titledĀ “What qualifications do NZSA installers have?” which covers my personal experience of becoming a member of the NZSA and the flaws in the current system.

I’m sure that as Executive Officer of the NZSA you will share my concerns and be keen to improve the existing set up.

I look forwards to your response and would be willing to offer suggestions on how we can move forwards.

Kind Regards,

Julian Dunster

Obsessive Vehicle Security Limited

P.S. Please be aware that I believe the matter to be of interest to the public and that I have posted this email on the Blog section of my website.

Email sent to:,,,,,

For more details visit the NZSA website

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9 Responses to Email To Greg Watts of the NZSA

  1. Avatar Luke says:

    Shit yeah, Julian!

    Good work.

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    Please take this seriously Greg, if you’re reading this. Julian has, single-handedly it seems, done an awesome job of raising end-user awareness on issues of what car security is all about and how it should be done properly (at both the product and installer levels). Those of us using his advice as a starting point for objectively understanding the issues (and solutions) now have cars that are significantly more secure (not to mention free of false alarms) than our current standards mandate they should be.

    The NSZA should take the initiative and raise the bar to international levels so that users and insurance companies alike have some confidence that a certified system provides the security it implies.

  3. Avatar Julian says:

    Here is the email I have had back from Greg Watts:

    Hi Julian,

    I do have concerns about the standards and this is one of the many areas we at the NZSA are reviewing. As you know I have invited you to the next vehicle security committee meeting,(date to be confirmed.)

    Previous meetings with the committee have not yielded the results I am looking for, so your input and support will be welcomed.


    Greg Watts

    Thanks Greg, It’s great to know that you are taking this seriously. I look forwards to attending the next meeting.

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