Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

Update: May 2019

Replacement TX-111 remote cases are now available for $25.00. Courier is $5.00 for none Rural postcodes. Use the contact form to order them…

Update: June 2017

I’ve now requested that all 3 series alarms come with the TX-90 remote controls. These are now what I recommend as a replacement for both the TX-11 and TX-111.


Dynatron Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The TX-111 is the latest design remote for the Dynatron 3 Series (AKA Cyclops P355, P375, P385). The remote is powered by 2 CR2016 Coin shaped batteries. Typically I would expect the batteries to be good for around 3 years, however excessive usage may shorten this time.

To change the batteries the remote case can be opened by using a flat blade screwdriver to prize the case apart. Care should be taken not to bend the + terminal that holds the batteries in place as doing so may cause a loose contact.

TX-111 Dynatron Remote

TX-11 Remote Battery Change

Reliability issues!

I’ve now lost count of how many TX-111 remote controls I’ve seen where the battery terminals become lose or have a poor contact. The good news is that it’s normally an easy fix. If the remote does become intermittent then it is worth using your thumb to bend the + terminal down after making sure the contacts are clean.

If you are after a replacement then I suggest TX-90 remote as an alternative which will work and is more reliable.

TX-111 Remote

TX111-Remote case

TX-111 Alarm Remote

RRP: $85.00 (I do not sell them as explained in this post)

Replacement Case: $25.00 (In stock)

Compatible Alarms:


Replaces old TX-11 remote


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23 Responses to Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

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  3. Avatar Bob says:

    Definitely seems a design flaw. Basically there’s no plastic shround over the top of the metal contact to limit its movement away from the batteries. Secondly there’s no tension (the metal is just straight, not angled with a piece of plastic as mentioned).

    A bit disappointed to find that the poor contact results n it working intermittently (literally have no confidence that when ive pressed the remote that it has worked). To fix, i’ve placed a piece of very firm foam inside so it essentially is providing constant pressure against the terminal to then push onto the battery. So far, it has worked withou fail, for about 15 times that i’ve used it in the last two days.

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Bob,

    Good work and some useful feedback, I hope that it turns out to be a long term fix. It’s a shame that you’ve needed to do this as it you would have thought that the manufacturer would have pull their finger out by now!

  5. Avatar Hayden says:

    Glad I came across this,

    After installing my new alarm (D3600) I was surprised to find that one of my remotes not working.

    I figured that the batteries must have been flat (which I wasn’t happy about as I had only bought it less than a month ago). Before changing them out I had a quick google and came across your site….and yep sure enough just had to bend the positive terminal down, problem solved.

    In my opinion its pretty bad to send something out from factory non-functional.

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Hayden,

    I fully agree with you. Dynatron must have enough of these returned under warranty to know that there is an issue and reported back to Dynamco in Perth to make it clear there is an issue! Unless they see it as an opportunity to see more remote controls when the original ones die!

    Mongoose only had a 6 month warranty on remote controls until I published a post questioning why!

    All I can do is put it out there and recommend that you upgrade to a TX-90 remote if getting a 3 series!

  7. Avatar Craig says:

    We’ve got an older Polo that has the TX-111 remotes and they had been failing on a regular basis. I googled for “VW Polo locking intermittently” and found nothing of use, then googled “TX-111 remote” and found your side. Bent the positive contact and put a bit of card behind the battery and they both work like new (probably better than new given the feedback above).

    Many many thanks for posting this.

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Craig,

    Great to know it has been helpful, plus thanks for the tip about the card board.

    Hopefully Dynamco will notice that the have an issue with the TX-111 and improve the design soon!


  9. Avatar Mel Smales says:

    Hi Julian,

    I have had a TX-111 that seems to eat one battery at a time. In very quick time. When I check both batteries one shows less than one volt, while the other is at three volts. This seems to have been a problem since supply. Can’t take it back under warranty as I have eliminated any chance of the +ve being intermittent by re-soldering the joints.
    Should I junk it and purchase a replacement?
    I am in Perth, are Dynatron accepting of an approach based on the above? or
    Is my battery problem a known problem.


  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mel,

    I can’t speak on behalf of Dynatron, this is a question you would have to ask them directly. It’s also worth noting that Dynamco are the Manufacturer (Dynatron simply re-branded Dynamco products here in NZ).

    As I stated in the post I’d recommend replacing the TX-111 with a TX-90 which in my experience is a much more reliable remote control.

  11. Avatar Shane jeffcoat says:

    Hi there
    I at the moment have a Cyclops TX11 remote (blue) for my alarm how ever I need a new one now, will the TX111 still work with my car alarm.

  12. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Shane,

    The TX-11 blue was the old Transponder remote for the 7 series. The TX-90 is the replacement and my recommendation.

    The TX-111 (replacement for the TX-11 green) will work with your alarm but does is not a transponder remote so you’d lose that feature of the alarm.

  13. Avatar Aaron says:

    Hello, I have a tx-111 remote that won’t open the car? I replaced batteries but still won’t work. The light comes on on the remote when pressing button but no action ? Can you help me?

  14. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Aaron,

    That all depends on where you are located as I’ll need to look at the remote to test it. If you are based in Wellington then no problem, however I suggest filling in the contact form rather then posting your details in public.


  15. Avatar Karl says:

    Lost my keys (including the immobiliser remote- TX-111) a while ago. Managed to obtain the override pin for my Dynatron – 3 Series car alarm and have been painstakingly using that to start my car. Eventually I decided to do something about it and discovered that Dynatron no longer sells replacement remotes for their alarm systems in NZ.

    Google here, Google there and I came across Obsessive Vehicle Security. Contacted Julian over the phone who was very helpful and willing to share advice. Within a week I had my new remote (TX-90) which was made for the 7 Series but works on the 3 Series (though you lose the transponder feature) and is much more reliable.

    After following a quick online video with instructions (link below), my car immobiliser was programmed to the remote and I was on the road free of the need to count that damned override pin

    Thanks so much for your help and advice. A+++


  16. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the feed back. Great to know it’s all sorted. I share your frustration that Dynatron no longer support their own products!

  17. Avatar Alan Wright says:

    Hi Julian
    I bought a 1996 Toyota Caldina, in 2010. It was imported to NZ in 2005 and fitted with a Dynatron Alarm with 2 remotes, seemingly TX11 with green signal. The most-used remote suffered from a disintegrating cover in 2012 and also lost its programming. The Auckland agent replaced the remote cover, and reprogrammed it and it has worked very well since. The second remote has now suffered from a similar disintegrating cover, which I would like to replace. I am reasonably happy with its performance and it still works, while covered with electrical plastic tape. The tape is recognised as a very temporary fix and I want a new cover before something more serious happens. I can find no trace of the Auckland agent now. Is a replacement cover of the original design available, please?
    Regards, Alan

  18. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Alan, Yes I stock the TX-11 case. Use the contact form to place an order. Please note that im away until the 26th October so will not be able to process it until then.
    Also please not that the TX-11 is a different remote to the TX-111

    Cheers Julian

  19. Avatar Mike Coveney says:

    Hi Julian
    A customer of mine has had there 1998 BMW 318ti towed to me and said that the cars main battery went flat through lack of use.She replaced the cars battery and it turns over and the key fobs seem to be working ok as the red led goes when you depress the key fob and the green light on the fob comes on.The fuel pump(checked fuses) has no power going to it,so I assume the DYNATRON TX 111 is the culprit as she said the car had no problems till the cars battery went flat.There are 2 fuses in the alarm wiring but they are ok.Cant find the main alarm control box,but will keep looking.Havent got any pin numbers for the alarm(if they run that system),the owner said she didn’t get any with the car,but will get in touch with old owner as it was her mothers.Ps Im in Wellington.

  20. Avatar Mike Coveney says:

    Sorry made a mistake,the red goes out when you depress the key fob,and automatically resets as per usual.Mike

  21. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mike,

    If you want me to have a look at the car and check if the immobiliser is OK or not then either use the Contact form (so your details are not public) or give me a call: 0212425276


  22. Avatar Ashleigh says:

    Hi wondering if you can help.

    Our alarm has a TX11 remote. We need to know the pin number for our alarm as we have one remote, and the remote is broken, and without the pin we cannot get a new one and wont be able to get into our car.

    I’ve contacted Dynatron twice but no reply. Do you know if there is any way to override it?


  23. Julian Julian says:

    The only way to disarm the alarm is with the PIN number or a working remote.
    If you are in Wellington then feel welcome to book the car in with me.


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