Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

Update: June 2017

I’ve now requested that all 3 series alarms come with the TX-90 remote controls. These are now what I recommend as a replacement for both the TX-11 and TX-111.


Dynatron Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The TX-111 is the latest design remote for the Dynatron 3 Series (AKA Cyclops P355, P375, P385). The remote is powered by 2 CR2016 Coin shaped batteries. Typically I would expect the batteries to be good for around 3 year, however excessive usage may shorten this time.

To change the batteries the remote case can be opened by using a flat blade screw driver to prize the case apart. Care should be taken not to bend the + terminal that holds the batteries in place as doing so may cause a loose contact.

TX-111 Dynatron Remote

TX-11 Remote Battery Change

Reliability issues!

I’ve now lost count of how many TX-111 remote controls I’ve seen where the battery terminals become lose or have a poor contact. The good news is that it’s normally an easy fix. If the remote does become intermittent then it is worth using your thumb to bend the + terminal down after making sure the contacts are clean.

If you are after a replacement then I suggest TX-90 remote as a alternative which will work and is more reliable.

TX111-Remote case

TX-111 Alarm Remote

TX-111 Remote

RRP: $85.00

Compatible Alarms:


Replaces old TX-11 remote


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