Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

Update: June 2017

I’ve now requested that all 3 series alarms come with the TX-90 remote controls. These are now what I recommend as a replacement for both the TX-11 and TX-111.


Dynatron Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The TX-111 is the latest design remote for the Dynatron 3 Series (AKA Cyclops P355, P375, P385). The remote is powered by 2 CR2016 Coin shaped batteries. Typically I would expect the batteries to be good for around 3 year, however excessive usage may shorten this time.

To change the batteries the remote case can be opened by using a flat blade screw driver to prize the case apart. Care should be taken not to bend the + terminal that holds the batteries in place as doing so may cause a loose contact.

TX-111 Dynatron Remote

TX-11 Remote Battery Change

Reliability issues!

I’ve now lost count of how many TX-111 remote controls I’ve seen where the battery terminals become lose or have a poor contact. The good news is that it’s normally an easy fix. If the remote does become intermittent then it is worth using your thumb to bend the + terminal down after making sure the contacts are clean.

If you are after a replacement then I suggest TX-90 remote as a alternative which will work and is more reliable.

TX111-Remote case

TX-111 Alarm Remote

TX-111 Remote

RRP: $85.00

Compatible Alarms:


Replaces old TX-11 remote


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23 Responses to Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

  1. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mike,

    If you want me to have a look at the car and check if the immobiliser is OK or not then either use the Contact form (so your details are not public) or give me a call: 0212425276


  2. Ashleigh says:

    Hi wondering if you can help.

    Our alarm has a TX11 remote. We need to know the pin number for our alarm as we have one remote, and the remote is broken, and without the pin we cannot get a new one and wont be able to get into our car.

    I’ve contacted Dynatron twice but no reply. Do you know if there is any way to override it?


  3. Julian Julian says:

    The only way to disarm the alarm is with the PIN number or a working remote.
    If you are in Wellington then feel welcome to book the car in with me.


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